23 Cool Wallpapers for Your Computer

Desktop background images have been around for decades, but the improved technology of today means you can take your pick from a wide variety of cool wallpapers designed exclusively for your screen resolution. It no longer even matters if you have unusual taste in visual art, modern designers and photographers have made their work available across a range of digital platforms, meaning you are sure to find cool wallpapers that suit your style and your personality.

If you want to find cool wallpapers but can’t take the time to conduct an exhaustive Internet search, you will be pleased with the following round up of cool wallpapers in many styles and designs.

Cool Wallpapers in Abstract Designs

Abstract Designs

• AlphaCoders.com offers a stunning array of cool wallpapers with fractals, whimsical imagery and much more.
• The wallpaper selection at DesktoPaper.com features light trails, fantastical still shots of ordinary items and abstract floral designs.
• Free-Background-Wallpapers.com has a strange assortment of fluid, fiery-looking abstract wallpapers.
• At HDWallpapersArt.com fractals abound along with fantasy scenery and bizarre stills.
• NaldzGraphics.net gives viewers a short round up of cool wallpapers with an artistic tone.

Cool Wallpapers Featuring Fine Art Work

fine artwork
Fine Art Work

• At the ArtistsNetwork.com it’s easy to find diverse fine art backgrounds and wallpapers for your computer.
• DesktopNexus.com offers a large variety of contemporary and traditional art-inspired cool wallpapers.
• The fine art reproductions available at Art-Wallpaper.net will take your breath away.
• You can own a masterpiece by downloading reproduced art treasures for your PC from TheArtWolf.com.
• Get fine art wallpapers in all types of styles by visiting Mi9.com.

Photography-Based Cool Wallpapers


• The Web pages of Photosen.com hold a treasure trove of stunning photography you can download for use as desktop wallpaper.
• WallPapersPhotography.com offers a massive assortment of photography wallpapers featuring nature scenes, abstract images and still shots.
• At HDWallpapersDesktop.com you’ll find traditional images as well as cool wallpapers with whimsical themes.
• FineArtWallpaper.net features photography backgrounds with the feel of traditional fine art.
• Gain immediate access to beautiful widescreen photography wallpaper when you visit WideScreenWallpapers.org.

Cool Wallpapers with Nature Themes


• Get up close and personal with the nature wallpaper of your choice at WallPapersWide.com.
• You can get cool wallpapers with a 3D look by visiting the nature page at HDWallpapersArt.com.
• Nature-Desktop.com offers a large assortment of nature themed wallpapers.
• For nature wallpapers that look like professional art work, visit Natures-Desktop.com.

Cool Wallpapers Based on Cinema


• With such a massive assortment, you’re sure to find your favorite film wallpaper at HDWallpaperBackgrounds.org.
• JoBlo.com also has a good selection of movie wallpapers, including family films.
• At MyFreeWallpapers.com you’ll find both movie backgrounds and television show wallpapers.
• HDWallpaper2013.com offers cool wallpapers in widescreen format for your favorite movies.

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