22 Sultry and Sexy Fishnet NailsFishnet

Fishnet nails are a simple and unique nail art design to try. The diagonal crossed lines are interesting and different. Since they mimic the look of fishnet stockings, fishnet nails are also a bit sexy as well.

Creating fishnet nail art isn’t as hard as you might think either. There are actually a few different ways to make nails with a fishnet design. Probably the easiest way is to use a nail stamper with a fishnet design. Nail striping tape can also be placed on the nails in a criss-cross pattern. If you don’t want the striping tape to show in the final design, you can paint over it with a different color and remove the tape before the top layer of polish dries. Finally, a thin nail striping brush can be used to paint the lines on fishnet nails, but this requires a steady hand and some patience.

If you’re planning on creating some fishnet nails, take a look at these great designs for a little inspiration!

1. Black and White Fishnet Nails

The black criss-crossed nail striping tape over white polish makes an excellent and noticeable fishnet nail art design!

fishnet nailsImage Source

2. White and Silver Fishnet Nail Design

Shiny silver and white lines make for some truly eye catching fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

3. White and Natural Fishnet Nails

White lines on natural nails make some cute and simple fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

4. Pink and Black Fishnet Nails

These pink and black fishnet nails are girly yet edgy, and they’re super simple to create with nail striping tape.

fishnet nailsImage Source

5. Peach and Black Fishnet Nail Art

The glitter dots on these peach and black fishnet nails add just enough sparkle!

fishnet nailsImage Source

6. Gray Gradient Fishnet Nail Art

Using black fishnet lines over a gray gradient nail art design makes for an awesome effect!

fishnet nailsImage Source

7. Purple Gradient Fishnet Nails

A pretty purple gradient makes these fishnet nails simply gorgeous!

fishnet nailsImage Source

8. Lime Green Fishnet Nails

For a fun splash of color, try these cute lime green fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

9. Hot Pink Fishnet Nails

Or these bright hot pink fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

10. Orange and Gold Fishnet Nails

Orange and gold fishnet nail art is a perfect cheery mani for the summer!

fishnet nailsImage Source

11. Black and Maroon Fishnet Nail Art

These maroon and black fishnet nails with black tips are sultry and sexy!

fishnet nailsImage Source

12. Pink and Black Fishnet Nails With Wide Lines

Wide lines make this pink and black fishnet nail art design unique and interesting.

fishnet nailsImage Source

13. Gold Fishnet Nails

It’s party time with this gold fishnet nail art design!

fishnet nailsImage Source

14. Gold and Black Outlined Fishnet Nail Design

Add a finishing touch to your gold fishnet nails by outlining them in black.

fishnet nailsImage Source

15. Glitter Fishnet Nails

Placing individual pieces of glitter in the spaces of a fishnet nail art design may be time cnsuming, but it makes them look fabulous!

fishnet nailsImage Source

16. Black and Red Gradient Fishnet Nail Design

After a little cleanup, these black and red gradient fishnet nails will look edgy and sexy!

fishnet nailsImage Source

17. Red Heart Fishnet Nail Art

A fishnet heart design makes a cute nail art design for Valentine’s Day. or any other day for that matter!

fishnet nailsImage Source

18. Fishnet and Corset Nails

What better design to pair fishnet nail art with than a corset nail art design?

fishnet nailsImage Source

19. Wide Fishnet Nail Design

Fishnet nails don’t have to have tiny little lies! The wide lines in this fishnet nail design are fetching and fun!

fishnet nailsImage Source

20. Blue and Silver Fishnet Nails

Glittery blue and silver fishnet nail art is reminiscent of a mermaid, no?

fishnet nailsImage Source

21. Holographic and Silver Fishnet Nail Art

A multi-color holographic polish makes some breathtaking fishnet nails.

fishnet nailsImage Source

22. Black Fishnet and Lace Nails

A matte black fishnet design over a glossy black polish looks subtle, yet stunning, and the lace accent nail is the icing no the cake!

fishnet nailsImage Source

Hopefully you enjoyed these gorgeous fishnet nail art designs! They should have given you some great inspiration to create your very own gorgeous fishnet nails!

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