22 Festive Fireworks Nail Art Ideas For July 4th

People of all ages love a good fireworks show, from young children to teens to adults. Fireworks are a symbol of celebration throughout the world. They’re used to ring in the new year and celebrate the birth of countries. In the United States, fireworks are broken out every year on July 4th, or Independence Day. Nearly every town has some sort of fireworks display that starts when the sun goes down. Most last for only a short period of time, but all of them are magnificent. Fireworks displays are truly an event to look forward to all year long!

Setting off explosive fireworks results in a beautiful and massive light show in the night sky. All different formations and colors of sparks rain from the sky, and it’s hard not to stop and take in the sight. If you’re looking for a fun and festive nail art design to celebrate Independence day, its hard to go wrong with fireworks nail art! Fireworks nails can be created with nearly any colors, but red, white, and blue are more patriotic colors, at least in the United States.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own fireworks nail art, take a look at the super hot designs below!

1. Black and White Fireworks Nail Art

Add some sizzle to black nails with simple white and gold fireworks nail art.

fireworks nail artImage Source

2. Red, White, and Blue Fireworks Nail Art

A patriotic fireworks nail art design is perfectly patriotic!

fireworks nail artImage Source

3. Patriotic Fourth of July Nail Art

Fireworks are just a small part of these patriotic Fourth of July nail art!

fireworks nail artImage Source

4. Red and Gold Fireworks Nails

This red and gold fireworks nail art is super sparkly and colorful!

fireworks nail artImage Source

5. Colored Metallic Fireworks Nail Art

Fireworks aren’t just one color. Use different colored metallic polishes to create a colorful fireworks display on your nails.

fireworks nail artImage Source

6. Glitter Fireworks Nail Art

Glitter polishes make the best fireworks nail art!

fireworks nail artImage Source

7. Glitter Burst Firework Nails

Another gorgeous glitter fireworks nail art design!

fireworks nail artImage Source

8. Fourth of July Nail Art With Fireworks

These red, white, and blue nails would be perfect for an Independence Day BBQ and watching fireworks!

fireworks nail artImage Source

9. Long Red Fireworks Nail Art

Long red talons are the perfect backdrop for some colorful fireworks nails.

fireworks nail artImage Source

10. Blue French Mani With Fireworks

Blue nail tips are a sweet look for celebrating the 4th of July, and the fireworks accent nail adds a festive and fun touch.

fireworks nail artImage Source

11. Simple Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Nails

A simple red white and blue nail art design is patriotic and has a hint of a fireworks nail design in each corner.

fireworks nail artImage Source

12. Red French Mani With Fireworks

A pretty red French manicure is jazzed up with blue dots and a red white and blue fireworks accent nail.

fireworks nail artImage Source

13. Blue French Mani and Simple Fireworks

Simple red, white, and glitter fireworks dress up these blue French manicure nail tips.

fireworks nail artImage Source

14. Stars and Fireworks Nail Art

Add some stars to you fireworks nail art for a fun touch

fireworks nail artImage Source

15. Red Nails With Fireworks

Bright red nails are made even more festive with some blue, white, and silver fireworks designs.

fireworks nail artImage Source

16. Star Fireworks Nails

Little blue stars combine with cascading silver fireworks designs for some awesome July 4th nail art!

fireworks nail artImage Source

17. Rhinestone and Decal Fireworks Nails

Rhinestones and decals can be used to create some simple fireworks nail art that anyone can do!

fireworks nail artImage Source

18. Black Fireworks Nails

A black base makes these colorful fireworks really pop on these nails!

fireworks nail artImage Source

19. Patriotic Rhinestone and Glitter Fireworks Nails

Rhinestones and glitter polish make these patriotic red white and blue fireworks nails really crackle!

fireworks nail artImage Source

20. Fireworks Nails With Glitter Tips

Glitter tips and fireworks nail art? Sparkly, perfect, and ptriotic!

fireworks nail artImage Source

21. Simple Colorful Fireworks Nails

Colorful metallic nail polish shines brightly on these black nails.

fireworks nail artImage Source

22. Striping Tape Fireworks Nails

Use striping tape to create some fun, colorful, and simple fireworks nail art!

fireworks nail artImage Source

Are you ready to go out and celebrate yet? You really can’t go wrong with these fireworks nail art designs! Although you can choose patriotic colors for fireworks nails if you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, any colors can be used to create fireworks. Glitter nail polishes and rhinestones can also add a much needed sparkle.

If you loved these fireworks nail art designs, you might also want to check out these Patriotic Nail Design Ideas for Memorial Day, 12 Festive Fourth of July Fingernail Designs, and 13 Neat New Year’s Nail Designs!

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