20 Wild Animal Print Nails

Animal print nails are super fun nail art designs to try! They’re a little wild and a little edgy, and perfect for parties or a casual day out. There are lots of different animal print nail design ideas to choose from too. Some animal prints to consider are leopard print, zebra print, and snakeskin. The fun part of animal print nails is that you don’t have to stick to realistic colors. You can create rainbow, glitter, or neon animal print nails for a more colorful look!

You don’t have to be a pro nail tech or a fantastic artist to create animal print nails either. Many animal print nail designs are easy enough to create that even novices can attempt them, often with good results. There are lots of great animal print nail art tutorials on the Internet to help you along the way too! Remember, if you don’t get perfect animal print nails the first time, try and try again. Like many other nail art techniques, animal print nails take some practice to get just right.

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Try these animal print nails on for size!

1. Brown Leopard Print Nails

On of the most popular animal print nail art designs are leopard print nails. They’re easy to recreate, and they look amazing! This leopard print manicure uses neutral colors, like brown and nude for a subtle effect.

animal print nails 1 brown leopardSmioss.com

2. Colorful Leopard Print Nails

Need a little color in your life? These colorful animal print nails use a rainbow of different colors, but you can also use any color you like.

animal print nails 2 colorful leopardNail-Art-101.com

3. Metallic Leopard Print Nails

Sparkly metallic nail polishes make these animal print nails super pretty!

animal print nails 3 metallic leopard printNails by Chi Chi

4. White and Black Zebra Print Nails

Moving on, we have zebra print nails, another design that’s easy to recreate. Just use a nail striper to draw black zebra stripes on white nails for traditional zebra print nails.

animal print nails 4 zebra printYouTube

5. Rainbow Zebra Print Nails

Or you can use bright rainbow colors as a background for your zebra stripes for some colorful animal print nails!

animal print nails 5 rainboz zebraYouTube

6. Zebra Print Tips on Nails

If full on animal print nails are just a bit too much for you, try adding some zebra stripes just to the tips of your nails. This design would actually work with any animal print nail design.

animal print nails 6 zebra tipsStiletto-Nails.com

7. Snakeskin Nails

Metallic nail polishes, neutrals, and greens make some stunning snakeskin nails! A nail stamper is probably the easiest way to create animal print nails, but you can also use the loofah method or hand paint the scales.

animal print nails 7 snakeskinFlickr

8. Neon Snakeskin Nails

For a brighter look, try some neon snakeskin nails!

animal print nails 8 neon snakeskinHolyManicures.blogspot.com

9. Crocodile Print Nails

Here are some animal print nails that you don’t see every day—crocodile print nails!

animal print nails 9 crocodileTiffany’s Tasteful Talons

10. Crocodile Print Nails With Crackle Polish

You can also create crocodile print nails with a special crackle nail polish by Barry M.

animal print nails 10 crocodile crackleImagination in Color

11. Bronze Giraffe Print Nails

If you’re looking for more cuddly animal print nails, try some giraffe nails! These cute giraffe nail art designs are made with bronze and white polish.

animal print nails 11 bronze giraffeYouTube

12. Yellow and Brown Giraffe Nails

Here’s a nice example of giraffe animal print nails with yellow and brown polish.

animal print nails 12 giraffe yellowBecome Gorgeous

13. Rainbow Giraffe Print Nails

And some pretty colorful rainbow giraffe print nails!

animal print nails 13 rainbow giraffePretty Little Bottles

14. Orange Tiger Print Nails

RAWR! Get sassy with some cute tiger print nails! All you need is some orange polish as a base and some black polish for the stripes. And, of course, a nail striper and steady hand to paint the stripes!

animal print nails 14 orang tigerYouTube

15. Orange and Yellow Ombre Tiger Stripes

You can also try some tiger stripe nails with an orange and yellow ombre base for an awesome look!

animal print nails 15 orange yellow tigerLooking Fancy

16. Gold Tiger Nails

Gold polish, though, can give your tiger nails a glam look!

animal print nails 16 gold tigerFlickr

17. Matte Black Tiger Print Nails

Or, try a matte black nail polish and draw the stripes with a clear glossy polish for a subtle tiger print nail design.

animal print nails 17 matte tigerBuzznet

18. Black and White Cow Print Nails

Moo! These black and white cow print nails are super simple to create, and they’re totally cute!

animal print nails 18 cow printYouTube

19. Blue Fish Scale Nails

A shimmery blue polish and a nail stamper are used to create these fun fish scale nails! Make fish scales on your entire nail or just do the tips.

animal print nails 19 blue fish scalesYouTube

20. Metallic Fish Scale Nail Art

Metallic polishes are also great options for fish scale nails! They give the fish scales a little extra shimmer, just like a real fish!

animal print nails 20 metallic fishPretty Designs

Hopefully, these animal print nails have given you the inspiration you need to get a little wild with your nails!

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