20 Tantilizing Teal Nail Design Ideas

Teal isn’t a traditional nail color, but it’s a beautiful and fun nail color. This cool shade of blue-green is perfect for spring and summer, or any other time of the year for that matter. Teal also pairs well with other colors, and teal nail design ideas are adorable!

There are several different shades of teal to choose from for your teal nail design ideas. You can go with a greener deeper teal, or opt for the lighter cool bluer shades of teal. Or you could choose any of the other shades of teal nail polish in between!

If you’re looking for teal nail art ideas, we’ve acquired a nice little collection to showcase. Check out the teal nail design ideas below for a little inspiration and put that teal polish to work!

1. Purple and Teal Gradient With Chevron Accent Nail

Purple and teal are striking together, and purple and teal nail art design ideas are gorgeous and eye catching! Here’s a nice example of a purple and teal gradient nail design. This particular design also pairs these two colors on a fun chevron accent nail.

teal nail design ideas 1 gradientStyles at Life

2. Teal Nail Designs With Glitter Tips

Teal and silver glitter? It’s a win! The subtle gradient glitter in this teal nail designs adds a nice little sparkle.

teal nail design ideas 2 glitter tipsLoveThisPic.com

3. Teal Nails With Gold Striping

Teal nail design ideas also look amazingly rich when gold is used as well. This teal nail art has gold accent nails as well as gold striping over the teal nail polish.

teal nail design ideas 3 gold stripingNood Mood

4. Glitter Colorblock Teal and Blue Nails

Here’s another nice example of how teal and glitter can go together. This time, the teal nail polish is paired with different shades of blue polish, including a fun glitter polish, for a fun and sparkly colorblock nail design. Foil nail striping tape is used to separate the different colors.

teal nail design ideas 4 blue glitter colorblockAll for Fashion Design

5. Colorful Colorblock Nails With Teal

If you’re looking for a more colorful colorblock nail design using teal, check out the example below! This nail art design uses orange, pink, yellow, and purple as well as teal nail polish. The nails are first painted a white base color, and nail striping is used to make straight clean lines. When the striping tape is removed, glimpses of the base color peek through.

teal nail design ideas 5 colorblockPaulina’s Passions

6. White, Gold, and Teal Nail Art

Two different shades of teal are used in this manicure, along with white and silver foil nail striping tape. It’s a nice example of a slightly unique colorblocking nail design.

teal nail design ideas 6 white and goldPrettyDesigns.com

7. Teal and Silver Nail Art With Chevron Accent Nails

Pairing teal with a glittery silver polish is a sure win! The black chevron design on the accent nails also adds a fun and modern twist.

teal nail design ideas 7 chevron and silverCuded.com

8. Pastel Pink and Teal Nails

Pink and teal nail design ideas are also gorgeous! This example pairs pale paste pink and teal nail polishes for a soft look. Silver nail striping tape separates the two colors and adds a little sparkle.

teal nail design ideas 8 pastel pinkNailArtBlog.com

9. Patterned Bright Pink and Teal Nail Design Ideas

There are actually several bright pink and teal nail design ideas in this manicure. First, there’s a gradient polka dot pattern on the index finger, which I adore! This design is followed by a small chevron design on the middle finger, polka dots on the ring finger, and a larger chevron pattern on the pinkie. You can choose just one design to wear on all of your fingers, or wear them all!

teal nail design ideas 9 bright pinkPolyvore.com

10. Purple and Teal Leopard Manicure

Leopard nail design ideas are hot right now! This teal and purple leopard manicure looks complicated, but it’s really easy to do! Just add different sized polka dots in a contrasting color with a nail dotting tool, and partly outline each polka dot with black nail polish.

teal nail design ideas 10 purple leopardRara Reid

11. Pink, Purple, and Teal Leopard Nail Art Design

Here’s another example of a fun teal leopard print nail design, this tie with teal, purple, and pink.

teal nail design ideas 11 pink purple leopardBeautopia

12. Brown and Teal Leopard Print Nails

And, one more teal leopard print nail design with brown and black polish.

teal nail design ideas 12 brown leopardPinterest

13. Teal Mermaid Nail Design

Teal is definitely a mermaid color, and this mermaid nail art is just beautiful! And, it looks super easy to do, with just different shades of teal and blue dotted onto the nail in an overlapping pattern.

Teal nail design ideas 13 mermaidManicurity

13. White and Teal Heart Nails

These white and teal nail design ideas are adorable! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day or accent nails.

teal nail art heartsStarmedia.us

14. Teal Crackle Nail Polish

Yes, crackle polish is still a “thing”, and it comes in more colors than black. This beautiful teal crackle nail polish design is proof of that!

teal nail design ideas 14 crackleDeviant Art

15. Teal Nails With Chunky Glitter Top Coat

Chunky glitter polish really makes this teal nail polish pop!

teal nail design ideas 15 glitterMyBeautyBunny.com

16. Teal Waterfall Nails

Waterfall nails are super easy to do, and these teal water fall nails are very pretty. Use blue, silver, and white nail polish on a striping brush to create the waterfall effect. This would be a nice summer or winter nail art design to try.

teal nail design ideas 16 waterfallNailItMag.com

17. Teal French Tips

French tips are a classic nail designs. Mix it up and add a little color with teal tips instead of the typical white tips. The gold polish in this teal French manicure also makes it stand out and adds a fun sparkle.

teal nail design ideas 17 french tipsNormandlou

18. Teal Nails With Feather Design

Teal nail polish is a nice background for a fun hand painted black feather!

teal nail design ideas 18 featherPinterest

19. Teal and Black Bird Nail Art

Or, you can add birds to your teal nails for a fun design! These black birds can be hand painted or decals.

teal nail design ideas 19 birdsStuffpoint

20. Teal Flocking Powder Nails

Finally, one of the most unique teal nail design ideas is created with teal flocking powder. When this powder is applied the the nails, it creates a fuzzy velvety texture. Flocking powder can be found in beauty supply stores and online, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

teal nail design ideas 20 flocking powderManicure Fantasy

Teal nail polish is a fun color to experiment with, so make sure you give some of these teal nail design ideas a try!

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