20 Spectacular Balcony Decor Designs

Balcony DIY projects are great for those who work from home, those who are bored during the day, and those who spend too much time inside the house. They allow you to go outside for a while, take a much needed break from the computer, and also make your house look nice. In addition to the different paints and colors that are often used to design balcony’s, leaves and vines can be used as well. In an attempt to show just how creative some people can be when decorating their balcony, we have put together a list of 20 spectacular balcony decor designs.

1. Some Nice Balcony Plants and Grass

Plants and grass are very easy to implement, and (as seen below) can certainly make your balcony look great.


Some Nice Balcony Plants and Grass

2. Some Greenery, and A Comfy Bed

On lazy days around the house, you can just take a nap on your balcony.


Some Greenery, and A Comfy Bed

3. Balcony Christmas Lighting

Great for the holidays, and also great for lighting up your balcony late at night.


Balcony Christmas Lighting

4. Small Chairs and A Small Table

For those on a tight budget, or with little room to work with, small furniture is the way to go.


Small Chairs and A Small Table

5. A Round Bed, With A Sheet To Block The Wind

Very relaxing, and thanks to the sheet, you can even sleep when it’s windy.


A Round Bed, With A Sheet To Block The Wind

6. Very Simple, But Very Nice

Though the idea is very simple, it is easy to do and also looks amazing.


Very Simple, But Very Nice

7. A Nice Sofa, Some Chairs, A Table, And A Carpet

Nice sofas look great on almost any balcony, and fortunately, they are not too expensive. A great idea for those who own large balconies.


A Nice Sofa, Some Chairs, A Table, and A Carpet

8. A Nice Rattan Waterfall Design

Waterfalls are rather expensive, however, if you can afford one, your balcony can be turned into a masterpiece.


A Nice Rattan Waterfall Design

9. This Small Flower Garden

Great for those who like to garden, and smell beautiful flowers.


This Small Flower Garden

10. A Pool!

Who doesn’t like swimming on their balcony?


A Pool!

11. A Neat Modern Balcony Design

Modern style balconies seem to be a hit or miss for people, however, if you are one of those who enjoy this style, then the image below should give you some great ideas to work with.


A Neat Modern Balcony Design

12. A Nice Glass Balcony, With Trees Surrounding It

Very nice and very clean. In fact, the balcony is so great, I could sit on it all day!


A Nice Glass Balcony, With Trees Surrounding It

13. Almost All White

All white balconies look great, as long as no drinks are spilled..


Almost All White

14. A Nice Sitting Area, With A Hot Tub

Hang out on your balcony, even in the winter.


A Nice Sitting Area, With A Hot Tub

15. Small Seats, Plants, and A Wooden Table

Proven by the image below, small furniture items and plants are great for turning small areas, into nice places to sit and hangout.


Small Seats, Plants, and A Wooden Table

16. Very Charming!

Very romantic, and especially great for couples who live together.


Very Charming!

17. Fake Grass

Fake grass looks great on balconies, and best of all, you will never have to water, trim, or maintain it in anyway.


Fake Grass

18. Balcony With Hanging Pots

A very common, yet very beautiful balcony design.


Balcony With Hanging Pots

19. Very Colorful

A very colorful balcony is sure to make you smile!


Very Colorful!

20. Some More Great Lighting

Especially great for those who enjoy sitting outside late at night.


Some More Great Lighting

Now that you have some new ideas for your balcony, you can get outside and start decorating. Before you know it, your balcony will be the best part of your house!

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