16 Beautiful Black Nail Art Designs

Black nails are no longer seen as “goth” or creepy. These days, black nail polish is more than acceptable, and black nail art designs are more common than ever. In fact, black is even seen as a staple in most nail polish collections.

The beauty of black nail polish is that it can be combined with any other color. It’s the ultimate neutral, meaning that it looks good when combined with white, red, yellow, and every color in between. Shiny black nails also look pretty spectacular with glitter and metallic polishes as well.

If you need a little inspiration for your own black nail art, look no further! These sweet designs are simple and gorgeous!

1. Black and White Polka Dot Tip Nail Art

Black nail tips with simple white polka dots makes a super simple, but super cute black nail design.

black nail artImage Source

2. Sneaker Nail Art Design

If you’re looking for a fun black nail art design, this cute little sneaker nail design might be a great design to try!

black nail artImage Source

3. Gold and Black Diamond Nail Design

Tiny nail art beads can be used to create this interesting and unique gold and black nail design.

black nail artImage Source

4. Red and Black Heart Nails

A heart shaped piece of tape is a great way to easily create a heart shaped nail art design; just stick it on a painted nail and paint over it with a different color.

black nail art design 4Image Source

5. Red and Black Water Marble Nails

Water marble nails make for a simple but stunning black nail art design, and looks amazing with just about any other colors!

black nail artImage Source

6. Chevron Black and Gold Nail Art Design

Gold and black nail art designs are chic and modern, and this chevron design is too.

black nail artImage Source

7. Black and Red Glitter Nail Tips

Red glitter polish combined with black nail polish on the nail tips makes a great nail art design for when you’re feeling a little wicked.

black nail artImage Source

8. Rhinestone Flower Nail Art

A handful of rhinestones on each nail makes for some cute and simple black nail art!

black nail artImage Source

9. Gold Cross on Black Nails

A gold cross on black nails make a bold statement, and the gold glitter gradint on the other nails is a nice compliment.

black nail artImage Source

10. Black Nail Art With Lip Prints

Pink lip prints really stand out on all black nails!

black nail artImage Source

11. Pink and Black Nail Art

For black nail art with a feminine touch, a little pink nail polish goes a long way!

black nail artImage Source

12. Black and Silver Polka Dot Nails

Simple silver polka dots on varying sizes on the tips of jet black nails makes a unique design.

black nail artImage Source

13. Nude and Black Rhinestone Nails

Placing a rhinestone right in the center of the nails turns these simple nude and black nails into some black nail art.

black nail artImage Source

14. Cute Eyeball Nail Art

Some white and black dots easily transform these black nails into cute little eyeball nails!

black nail artImage Source

15. Pointy Black Nail Art Design

For a vixenish look, this pointy black nail art design creates the illusion of longer pointy nails.

black nail artImage Source

16. Pointy Heart Black Nail Art

Here’s a rather unique heart nail art design!

black nail artImage Source

If black nail polish is new to you, don’t be afraid of it! As mentioned before, black nail polish is no longer reserved for rebellious teenagers and rock stars. Anyone can give some black nail art designs a try!

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