15 Poppy Tattoo Designs

Serving as perhaps the most religious flower to date, and often used to symbolize remembrance, peacefulness, eternal life, and resurrection, poppy flowers are worn (in tattoo form) by many men and women all across the globe. Though many poppies are found growing alongside ditches, they are extremely beautiful, and have helped to cure many people, due to the medicinal qualities they often posses.

While some prefer their poppy flower tattoos to be done in a bright, realistic red color, others prefer watercolor. However, no matter the style, poppy tattoo designs always look great, and are sure to turn some heads.

1. This Basic Poppy Flower Tattoo

Simple, yet very visually pleasing. Though basic poppy flower tattoos may not cover an entire arm, or be found alongside additional imagery, they certainly stick out well.


Basic Poppy Flower Tattoo

2. This Poppy Flower With Bird Tattoo

However, if there is any additional imagery incorporated, it is usually either another flower, a skull, vines, or a small bird.


Poppy Flower With Bird Tattoo

3. Multiple Colored Poppies

Some very realistic looking, red and grey poppy flowers, spread out well across the upper arm.


Multiple Colored Poppys

4. Watercolored

Despite the wonderful aesthetics of realistic poppy tattoos, many prefer them to be done in watercolor.



5. This Poppy Flower Upper Back Tattoo

Fun fact – the upper back is one of the most common places for poppy flower tattoos to be implemented.


Poppy Flower Upper Back Tattoo

6. Poppy Flower With A Skull

Though it may come as a surprise to most people (considering the fact that poppies are somewhat spiritual), skulls are often found alongside them.

Skulls are often viewed in a negative light, however, much like poppies, they too can sometimes symbolize eternal life.


Poppy Flower With A Skull

7. This Single Black and White Triangle Poppy

Black and white poppies are indeed rare, however, they too look amazing.


Single Black and White Triangle Poppy

8. A Very Realistic Poppy Flower

Highly detailed, and incredibly realistic.


Realistic Poppy Flower Tattoo

9. Another Great Poppy Flower Neck Tattoo, This Time With Multiple Poppies

For those who can get away with it, poppy flower tattoos look great as neck pieces.


Poppy Flower Neck Tattoo With Multiple Poppies

10. Single Red Poppy Flower On Shoulder

Poppy flowers, as you may have guessed, are most popular amongst women.


Single Red Poppy Flower On Shoulder

11. Poppy Flower Rib Tattoo

Painful, but worth it. Poppy flower rib tattoos look great, especially when your tattoo artist can shade like this.


Poppy Flower Rib Tattoo

12. Poppy Flowers With Lights

Lights are almost never found alongside poppy flower tattoos, indicating that this may be a cover up. Nonetheless, like most other poppy flower tattoos, it certainly does look great.


Poppy Flowers With Lights

13. This Poppy Flower Hand Tattoo

Another great spot for a poppy flower tattoo, the hand. It’s circular shape fits well, and looks great all by itself.


Poppy Flower Hand Tattoo

14. Old-School Poppy Flower Tattoo

Done in somewhat of a traditional style, this old-school poppy flower tattoo looks great. And, much like the tattoo above, it fits perfectly on the hand.


Old-School Poppy Flower Tattoo

15. This Amazing Poppy Flower Foot Tattoo Design

Wonderfully shaded, and well-placed.


Poppy Flower Foot Tattoo Design


In addition to their overall beauty, poppy flowers have been helpful to many different cultures and religions. While they are strictly used for medicinal purposed in some areas, they are eaten and gawked at in others, giving them a highly reputable, and incredibly original reputation amongst the flower family.

For those looking to get a poppy flower tattoo for themselves, no matter what style or meaning you choose to go with, your poppy is sure to look great. In fact, it is hard to have such a beautiful flower on you, and not catch someone’s eye.

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