15 Fantastic Dolphin Tattoo Design Ideas

Mankind has been fascinated with dolphins for centuries. These days, that fascination often takes the form of dolphin tattoo designs.

A dolphin tattoo design is usually a choice for a woman, but men might also choose to get inked with this popular fish. Dolphin tattoos can also be placed nearly anywhere on the body, but common placements for these types of tattoos are usually on the back or shoulder.

Besides being beautiful creatures, dolphins also hold a fair amount of symbolism as well, making dolphin tattoo designs even more popular. Dolphins can symbolize a number of things, including friendship, playfulness, intelligence, and harmony.

If you’re searching for ideas for your own dolphin tattoo design, take a look at some of these amazing designs for a little inspiration!

1. Purple Dolphin Tattoo Design

You won’t find a purple dolphin in nature, but it sure makes for a gorgeous tattoo!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

2. Realistic Dolphin Back Tattoo

The realism in this dolphin tattoo design is simply amazing!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

3. Dolphin Mom Tattoo

What a beautiful way to honor your mama!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

4. Cute Dolphin Tattoo Design

Adding a couple of names to a cute little dolphin tattoo design is a great ay to personalize it even more.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

5. Kissing Dolphin Tattoo

Love is in the air with this sweet kissing dolphin tattoo!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

6. Colorful Dolphin Scene Back Tattoo

A vibrant and colorful ocean sunset scene is a gorgeous backdrop for a couple of jumping dolphins!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

7. Dolphin and Heart Tattoo

Include dolphins for a sweet twist on a traditional heart tattoo.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

8. Dolphin and Flowers Tattoo

Flowers add a pretty pop of color and some interesting design elements to this dolphin tattoo design.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

9. Mother and Baby Dolphin Tattoo

A mother tending to a baby dolphin makes for a heartwarming tattoo, and a quote makes this tattoo even more meaningful.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

10. Dolphin Tribal Tattoo

If you can’t choose between a tribal tattoo or a dolphin tattoo, have both incorporated into the design!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

11. Small Blue Dolphin Tattoo

A small dolphin tattoo like this is little enough to be placed just about anywhere on the body.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

12. Dolphin With Rose Tattoo

A delicate rose adds a little more beauty to an already gorgeous dolphin tattoo!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

13. Jumping Dolphins Tattoo

A pair of jumping dolphins makes an excellent tattoo design!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

14. Cute Jumping Dolphin Tattoo Design

A small jumping dolphin tattoo is a good fit for someone looking for a cute little tattoo design.

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

15. Rainbow Dolphin Tattoo Design

A rainbow adds a huge splash of color to a dolphin tattoo!

dolphin tattoo designImage Source

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