15 Epic Wall Murals for Your Space

Wall murals can really liven up a space. They can do so much more than a few coats of paint can! They can add style, sophistication, and even a view.

There are all different types of wall murals to fit in your space. Traditional wall murals are painted right onto the wall. If you’re the artistic sort, you can paint one yourself; if not, you can always commission an artist to paint one for you. There are lots of companies now, though, that make adding a mural to your wall easy. Wall mural decals are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add a mural!

Check out some of these awesome wall murals for some ideas!

1. Moon Wall Mural

As far as calming wall murals go, this full moon mural is whimsical and enchanting!

wall muralsImage Source

2. Bridge and Forest Mural

A full wall mural with a forest scene and painted bridge is an amazing addition to almost any room.

wall muralsImage Source

3. Solar System Wall Mural

If you’re looking for space wall murals, this amazing solar system mural is simply breathtaking!

wall muralsImage Source

4. Tsunami Wall Mural

Mother Nature can be a cruel lady, but awesome as well, as captured in this huge wave mural.

wall muralsImage Source

5. Sunny Forest Wall Mural

The sun peeking through the trees in forest wall murals gives you the constant illusion of a warm summer day in the woods.

wall muralsImage Source

6. Birch Forest Wall Mural

A wall of birch trees is soothing and relaxing after a long day!

wall muralsImage Source

7. Mountain Lake Wall Mural

Relax at the end of a long day with a gorgeous view of a mountain range and tranquil lake.

wall muralsImage Source

8. Fish Wall Mural

When little fish tanks aren’t quite enough, aquatic wall murals like this aquarium mural should be just the thing.

wall muralsImage Source

9. Forest Trail Wall Mural

The promise of a nice relaxing walk through the woods as the autumn leave fall around you is nothing short of divine!

wall muralsImage Source

10. Paris Wall Mural

If you can’t make it to Paris for real, there are lots of great Paris Wall murals to make you feel like you’re there.

wall muralsImage Source

11. New York City Skyline Wall Mural

Wraparound wall murals with city skylines can make you feel like you’re right in the heart of a city too!

wall muralsImage Source

12. Sports Stadium Wall Mural

For the hardcore sports fan, waking up in a sports stadium or on a sports field must feel like heaven.

wall muralsImage Source

13. Tree Silhouette Mural

Sometimes, the simplest murals are the most striking, like large silhouette wall murals.

wall muralsImage Source

14. Artistic Lips Painting

A huge piece of art can also act as a wall mural.

wall muralsImage Source

15. Monet Bridge Wall Mural

Add some class and culture to your space with a large piece of classic art as a wall mural.

wall muralsImage Source

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