15 Amazing Kraken Tattoo Designs

Referred to many times in Norse Mythology, the Kraken is a mythical sea creature, powerful enough to cause rogue waves and sink large ships. While many people believe the stories to be true and fear the Kraken’s ultimate appearance at sea, others think up new designs and have it tattooed all over their body.

Though kraken tattoos don’t have deep meanings or symbolism to them, they are a huge hit with many people, especially those who enjoy the sea. There are many different Kraken tattoo designs, and new ones are thought of quite regularly.

Whether you are a true Kraken believer, or just looking for some new tattoo design ideas, you have come to the right place.

1. The Giant Under Water Kraken

Similar to the octopus in many ways, the Kraken has many tentacles, is very large, and resides underwater. Essentially, the only difference is their size!


Giant Underwater Kraken

2. This Ship Is History

I would hate to be in that boat!


This Ship Is History

 3. A Full Kraken Arm Sleeve Tattoo

If you know of a skilled artist with enough free time, why not just get a full Kraken arm sleeve?


Full Kraken Arm Sleeve Tattoo

4. A Very Blue Kraken

A great tattoo choice for men. Very colorful and very detailed.


Very Blue Kraken

5. A Very Colorful Kraken Shoulder Tattoo

It is colorful as it is intimidating!


Very Colorful Kraken

6. An Old-School, Brown and Blue Kraken Tattoo

Even just by themselves with no additional imagery, Kraken tattoos look great.


Old-School, Brown and Blue Kraken Tattoo

7. Kraken Wrestling With An Anchor

Anchors, boats, and other sea creatures are used as additional imagery with many Kraken tattoos. And even without any color, they look amazing!


Kraken Wrestling With An Anchor

8. Black and Grey Kraken Tattoo

Highly detailed and very well-shaded!


Black and Grey Kraken Tattoo

9. Full Chest Piece Kraken Tattoo

Though it is one of the most painful spots to get tattooed, Kraken tattoos fit perfectly on the chest.


Full Chest Piece Kraken Tattoo

10. Full Kraken Back Piece Tattoo

Though the Kraken is of course the center piece, the boat, lighthouse, and clouds on this design look great too.


Full Kraken Back Piece Tattoo

11. A Kraken Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

A great half sleeve tattoo. Very noticeable, and almost three-dimensional near the top.


Colorless Kraken Half Sleeve Tattoo

12. Another Great Kraken Full Sleeve

Perhaps the most realistic tattoo on the entire list.


Great Kraken Full Sleeve

13. A Very Well Done Kraken Leg Tattoo

A very well placed tattoo that has a nice quote too – “worse things happen at sea.”


Very Well Done Kraken Leg Tattoo

14. Another Great Traditional Styled Kraken

Old-school traditional – a style that looks great on just about any tattoo.


Great Traditional Styled Kraken Tattoo

15. A True Ship Destroyer

Showing off this mythical creature’s incredible size!


True Ship Destroyer


Even if you are not a fan of the Kraken, it is hard not to like the above tattoos. In addition to their extraordinary color, and intimidating themes, Kraken tattoos are very detailed, and only highly skilled artists can pull them off correctly.

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