13 Lucky 13 Tattoo Designs

While today is not the 13th, but that does not mean that the number 13 cannot be featured! Some people really think that the number 13 is a cursed number that will bring them bad luck, but there are some people that actually do believe that the number is lucky. How many of you have ever seen the number 13 on a tattoo? Well stay tuned because you are about to see some really colorful and creative number 13 tattoos!

We know some of you have your doubts about this great number, but the truth is that good luck or bad luck is what people make for themselves. Now, to show you just how cool the number 13 really is, we found these 13 Lucky 13 Tattoo Designs! Okay, enough of our rambling because you all are as excited to see these tattoos as we are to show you! Are you ready to check out the list of number 13 tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Cracked Skin Number 13 Tattoo

Some people believe they have 13 under their skin, and this tattoo shows it cracking out from under the skin!

Cracked Skin Number 13 TattooCracked Skin Number 13 Tattoo

Diamond and 13 Finger Tattoo

Want a cool 13 finger tattoo? Well check out this great number 13, plus a cool diamond, located right on the left ring finger!

Diamond and 13 Finger TattooDiamond and 13 Finger Tattoo

13 and Golden Key Arm Tattoo

The key to the world might be this cool tattoo, and the number 13 too!

13 and Golden Key Arm Tattoo13 and Golden Key Arm Tattoo

Black and Red Number 13 Tattoo

Now this is a cool way to take two numbers and turn them into a cool tattoo! Check out this black and red number 13 because its design is really cool!

Black and Red Number 13 TattooBlack and Red Number 13 Tattoo

Black Slanted Number 13 Tattoo

This number 13 slants a little to one side, but that’s okay because it looks great on the arm!

Black Slanted Number 13 TattooBlack Slanted Number 13 Tattoo

Heart Shaped Padlock with Keyhole and 13

Now this is a cool tattoo because the padlock is heart shaped, but its got the number 13 on it, and is waiting for the right key to unlock it.

Heart Shaped Padlock with Keyhole and 13Heart Shaped Padlock with Keyhole and 13

Number 13 Tattoo with Wings

Let your luck take flight with this great number 13 tattoo that has big wings!

Number 13 Tattoo with WingsNumber 13 Tattoo with Wings

Purple Number 13 Arm Tattoo

Some tattoos have color now, and here is a great number 13 that was created with gorgeous purple ink!

Purple Number 13 Arm TattooPurple Number 13 Arm Tattoo

Exploding Number 13 Arm Tattoo

Wow now this is one explosive number 13 arm tattoo! The tattoo is very bright and colorful, and the number itself has been created with green ink.

Exploding Number 13 Arm TattooExploding Number 13 Arm Tattoo

Gate Tattoo with Number 13 and Greek Letters

This is one unusual tattoo because it has a gate, Greek letters plus the number 13. The question is, what does this gate open up to?

Gate Tattoo with Number 13 and Greek LettersGate Tattoo with Number 13 and Greek Letters

Blue Number 13 Tattoo

This is a simple blue tattoo with the number 13, but its actually pretty interesting the way it was created.

Blue Number 13 TattooBlue Number 13 Tattoo

Pink Bunny Number 13 Tattoo

Here we have a cute pink bunny with the number 13, and no one has ever seen a tattoo like this before.

Pink Bunny Number 13 TattooPink Bunny Number 13 Tattoo

Lucky 13 Horse Shoe Tattoo

Horse shoes are supposed to be very lucky, and this one is even luckier thanks to the number 13 on it.

Lucky 13 Horse Shoe TattooLucky 13 Horse Shoe Tattoo

So, were we right about the number 13 making a cool tattoo? Did these tattoos of the number 13 surprise or impress you? If these tattoos have inspired you to speak, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of tattoos, we have links to even more lists below to all kinds of cool stuff. All you have to do is click one of the links, and you’ll be on a new page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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