13 Gorgeous Irish Castles

Ireland is a beautiful country that people visit by the thousands every year. What people love to visit the most in Ireland are the beautiful castles that adorn the countryside. Since not everyone can fork out the money to head to Ireland, we have gathered these 13 Goregous Irish Castles pictures!

Are you ready to head to Irelad? Well then go ahead and scroll down now and get ready to visit Ireland without needing your passport!

Adare Castle

Adare Castle is considered to be one of the most gorgeous castles in all of Ireland with it scuptured grounds and impressive architecture.

Adare CastleAdare Castle

Ballymoon Castle

Ballymoon Castle is one of Ireland’s biggest mysteries because it has no recorded history, but archeologists estimate it was built around 1290.

Ballymoon CastleBallymoon Castle

Ballylee Castle

The famous poet W.B. Yeats fell in love with Ballylee Castle and ended up buying it. Yeats restored the castle, and he found it so inspiring that many of his most famous works were created there.

Ballylee CastleBaylee Castle

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle was built in 1425, and was a fort that was next to the river. Today, Bunratty Castle is a very popular tourist attraction.

Bunratty CastleBunratty Castle

Carlow Castle

Carlow Castle was once an impressive structure until it got blown up in 1814 by a doctor. Today, the castle is open for tourism during the week, and the key to it is at the local mineral water factory.

Carlow CastleCarlowCastle

Carrigafoyle Castle

Carrigafoyle Castle has a long and blood history, and was the sight of many bloody battles.The castle may be wrecked, but that is only a sign of its colorful history.

Carrigafoyle CastleCarrigafoyle Castle

Conna Castle

Built in the 1550s, Conna Castle was built by Sir Thomas Roe Fitzgerald. The castle was the home to many Earls until 1653 when it burned down and killed three occupants inside.

Conna CastleConna Castle

Dundrum Castle

Dundrum Castle was built by John de Courcy, a famous adventurer. However, de Courcy lost the castle in 1210, and remained property of the crown until 1226.Today, the castle is a hotel and golf club.

Dundrum CastleDundrum Castle

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is an impressive structure, and it looks like something out of a fairytale and was used as a fort because of its location right on the sea.

Dunluce CastleDunluce Castle

Greencastle County Down

Greencastle was built in 1230 by Hugh de Lacy for protection. However, by 1260, it was attacked and destroyed by the Irish and soon was occupied by Richard de Burgh, who was considered the most powerful Irish citizen.

Greencastle County DownGreencastle County Down

Lemanagh Castle

Lemanagh Castle is a giant limestone castle that was built in the 1400s, and its purpose was to protect the Burren. The castle fell into ruin by the 1800s, but today, the castle can be seen, but the owners of the property do not allow for visitors.

Lemanagh CastleLemanagh Castle

Mallow Castle

Mallow Castle is quite old, and experts put its construction date to be around 1185 AD. Recently, Mallow Castle was bought by Cork County Council, and there are plans to take the 30 acres that serve as the castle grounds to be developed, but for now, it is unknown what the fate of the castle will be.

Mallow CastleMallow Castle

Old Crom Castle

Old Crom Castle was built in 1611 by a Scottish man named Michael Balfour. The castle was destroyed by fire in 1764, but was never repaired. Old Crom Castle is open six months out of the year to visitors from April to September.

Old Crom CastleOld Crom Castle

So, did you enjoy your trip to Ireland to check out the beautiful castles? If you were blown away but these old Irish castles, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, we have links to even more lists below so click on one and let’s get started!

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