13 Fast and Furious Checkered Flag Nails

Race day is an exciting and heart pounding day for most fans! Like any sport, it’s not uncommon for fans to dress up in their favorite driver’s colors or general racing gar. In addition to t-shirts and the other typical race day apparel, lady race fans also have the option of creating some fun racing nail art, like checkered flag nails.

Checkered flag nail art usually consists of black and white checkered designs on the nails. Other elements, such as a favorite driver’s number or colors, can also be added. Checkered flag nail designs don’t even have to be black and white, though. They also look pretty spectacular in bright colors, like red or pink.

Looking for some checkered flag nail art ideas? Here are a few great designs to get you started….

1. Basic Checkered Flag Nails

Basic black and white checkered flag nail designs are perfect for race day!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

2. Colored French Tips and Checkered Nails

A checkered flag accent nail on a colorful French manicure is a great way to honor your favorite racer!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

3. Racing Number Nail Art

Add your favorite driver’s number to your checkered flag nails to cheer them on!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

4. Blue and French Tip Checkered Flag Nails

Checkered flag French tips get a little extra flare with a thin blue stripe.

checkered flag nailsImage Source

5. Red and Checkered Flag Nails

Red polish adds a nice splash of color to black and white checkered flag nails!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

6. Yellow Checkered Flag Nail Art

Bright yellow nails offer a fantastic colorful alternative to plain checkered flag nails!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

7. NHRA Racing Nails

For the NHRA racing fans out there, this awesome nail design includes some cute elements, including checkered nail tips.

checkered flag nailsImage Source

8. Pink and Hologram Checkered Nails

For girly race fans, a little pink mixed in with checkered flag nails is super pretty and they look pretty amazing with a hologram polish too!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

9. Checkered Flag Nail Tips

This race inspired variation of a French manicure is fun and feisty with checkered flag designs on the tips of the nails!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

10. Gray and Red Checkered Nails

Red squares on gray nails make for some unique checkered nail designs!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

11. NASCAR Nail Art

If you’re a NASCAR fan, this awesome nail design is sure to get some compliments on race day!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

12. Teal Checkered Flag Nail Art

Teal is always a fun color to jazz up different nail designs, including checkered flag nails!

checkered flag nailsImage Source

13. Bright Pink Checkered Nails

Some bright pink checkered fl

checkered flag nailsImage Source

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