13 Astonishing DIY Scarf Storage Ideas

Scarves can be fantastic functional fashion accessories for women. They come in a number of different colors, patterns, and styles. Once they head down the scarf path, many women end up with several different scarves to match different outfits and fine tune different looks. But, in some cases, going scarf wild can lead to clutter and storage problems down the road.

What’s a girl to do with so many scarves?!

Fortunately there are lots of great DIY scarf storage ideas out there to help you corral your scarves and keep them organized! If you’re being overrun by scarves, check out these awesome scarf storage ideas for a little inspiration…

1. Scarf Chain

A scarf can be threaded through each link in a shower curtain ring chain. Plus, the chain can be hung just about anywhere, making it a convenient and space saving scarf storage option.

diy scarf storageImage Source

2. Towel Bar and Hooks

A towel bar is a handy place to hang all sorts of items, including scarves. Just add hooks and rings for a quick DIY scarf storage solution.

diy scarf storageImage Source

3. Coat Hook Board

A simple board can be transformed into pretty scarf storage with just a few coats of paint and some coat hooks!

diy scarf storageImage Source

4. Clothes Hanger

For a super quick and simple way to store scarves, simply loop them around the bottom of a clothes hanger. You can fit several scarves on a hanger, which can easily be hung in the closet with the rest of your wardrobe.

diy scarf storageImage Source

5. Hanger and Shower Curtain Rings

Clip some shower curtain rings to a hanger and you have yourself another clever way to store scarves!

diy scarf storageImage Source

6. Clothespin Scarf Storage

This clever little DIY scarf storage solution was create by gluing clothespins to a decorative trim board. Screw eyes and wire were then added for hanging.

diy scarf storageImage Source

7. Ribbon Scarf Storage

Something as simple as loops of ribbon can also make a great DIY scarf storage solution! And, it’s pretty too!

diy scarf storageImage Source

8. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Those over the door shoe organizers come in handy for more than just shoes! They can also be used to store scarves and small items.

diy scarf storageImage Source

9. Tube Storage for Scarves

Before you toss those cardboard tubes, consider gluing and tying them together for some creative scarf storage. If you don’t have any cardboard tubes yet, you can always make some from heavy cardboard.

diy scarf storageImage Source

10. Shelf and Rod Storage

Two rods between the decorative supports under a small shelf make perfect storage for scarves. The small shelf up top also gives added storage space for other small items, like keys, makeup, or knick knacks.

diy scarf storageImage Source

11. Old Chair Back

Who’d have thunk that an old chair back would make a great place for scarf storage? Add a few decorative knobs to hang other items like belts and necklaces.

diy scarf storageImage Source

12. Double Decker Door Scarf Storage

Two towel rods placed strategically on the back of the door gives you double the storage for scarves.

diy scarf storageImage Source

13. Natural Scarf Hanger

Into the rustic look? Use some completely unfinished old logs with branches positioned in a frame provides some great natural scarf storage!

diy scarf storageImage Source

As you can see, scarf storage solutions don’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, you could come up with a great DIY way to store scarves with just a few things you already have around the house!

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