13 Abandoned Olympic Venues Around the World

When people are talented at something like being a professional athlete, they work hard for many years to be the best they can be. One dream that these athletes may have is to reach the professional level and make millions of dollars a year, or another dream they may have is to compete with other people that are just as talented as they are in the Olympic Games.

While the Olympic Games is something that every professional athlete wants to compete in, there are also many countries that do anything to get to host the event. The problem with hosting an Olympic Games event is that once the event is over, what happens to the buildings? Some countries spend billions of dollars to make the athletes from around the world feel comfortable and welcome, but then once its over, those venues go to waste, and here are 13 Abandoned Olympic Venues Around the World.

Abandoned Olympic Rings

This set of colorful Olympic rings are just sitting there going to waste, which is exactly what happens to them once the special games are over.

Abandoned Olympic RingsAbandoned Olympic Rings

Athens Olympics Stadium

Look at this amazing building and its design! This building was built in Greece for the Olympic Games, but now it is just a sad shell of a building now, which is a shame because it truly is a unique and special design.

Athens Olympics StadiumAthens Olympics Stadium

Athens Olympic Venue

This was once a fountain, and you can still see the five rings. The fountain shot up water, and there were also a lot of colorful lights with it too, but now it is starting to fall apart.

Athens Olympic VenueAthens Olympic Venue


The Olympic Games are a time for not only the athletes to shine, but also give a country the chance to design really special buildings, which will hopefully bring them a lot of attention. This building in Beijing looks like a giant bird’s nest, but it is not being used for anything.


Beijing Building

Once again, a building that looks really cool was only built for the Olympic Games, and once those games were done, the building was just left to rot away in the sun.

Beijing BuildingBeijing Building

Berlin Olympic Swimming Pool

This swimming pool was once used in the Berlin, Germany Olympic Games for the high dive event. Imagine what those stands looked like when they were full of people? However, now, the stands are empty, and the echoes of cheers and applause is carried on the wind that blows through this empty venue.

Berlin Olympic Swimming PoolBerlin Olympic Swimming Pool


Not only do countries have to build things like stadium for the athletes to compete in, but they also have to provide a place to stay for all of the visiting athletes. This building was once part of the Olympic Village, but now, it is just a rotting building that looks like it is something out of a horror movie.


Olympic Tower

Sitting in the middle of the woods, this mighty tower can be seen for miles, and it is just one of the things left from a Winter Olympics game. Though the tower itself is in decent shape, the fact is that nothing is being done with it, and one day, it will be falling apart.

Olympic TowerOlympic Tower

Olympic Village in Berlin

This Olympic Village is in Berlin, Germany, and unlike some of the other villages around the world, this building is in decent shape. The building is not being used anymore, and maybe it can be given to the homeless to use instead of it just going to waste.

Olympic Village in BerlinOlympic Village in Berlin

Platform Sarajevo

A long time ago, athletes once stood on this platform in Sarajevo to receive their medals. Now, you can barely tell that this was once an Olympic platform, but you can still see at least one Olympic ring on it.

Platform SarajevoPlatform Sarajevo

Sarajevo Mascot

When it is announced that a place has been chosen to host an Olympic Games, then that country has to come up with mascot. This faded mascot represented the Sarajevo Games, but now it is hard to tell what it is exactly, but this mascot once represented hard working athletes from all around the world.

Sarajevo MascotSarajevo Mascot

Sarajevo Track

One fun event during the Winter Olympic Games is to have a team of men sliding around on a sled. A very special track has to be built for the sleds to run on, and this is what is left of that special track built for the Sarajevo Olympic Games.

Sarajevo TrackSarajevo Track

Skijump at Sarajevo

When this skijump was used, it was in the middle of winter, and it was surrounded by ice and snow. However, seeing this skijump now, without any snow, looks really strange, and its hard to tell it was even a skijump.

Skijump at SarajevoSkijump at Sarajevo

So, what did you think? Did you find these abandoned venues sad, beautiful, but a little creepy too? If you were haunted by those abandoned pictures, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below.

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