12 Hot Hunting Camo Nails

Hunting season is approaching quickly, and it’s time for hunters to get ready! For some lady hunters out there, that means breaking out the pink camo and painting their nails! Hey, just because you go hunting doesn’t mean you can’t have pretty nails!

And, what better nail art designs could you choose for hunting season than hunting camo nails? Lady hunters can even paint up their nails to match their hunting gear, if they’re so in is. clined. Traditional camo colors, like green and brown, can be used to paint hunting camo nails, but don’t feel limited to these colors. You can also use hunter orange and pink too! There are also a number of different hunting camo nail art designs you can choose, from traditional camo to Realtree camo.

Whichever hunting camo nail art design you choose, it’s sure to get a few compliments! Well, at least from the fellow lady hunters, that is.

If you’re looking for some great ideas for hunting camo nails, take a look at the designs below for a little inspiration!

1. Camo Tip Nails

Add a hunting twist to a classic French manicure with some camo nail art tips!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

2. Studded Camo Nails

For an edgy look, a few studs on hunting camo nails can really spice things up!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

3. Hunting Camo Nail Art

These are set apart from regular camo nails by the orange Browning deer accent on the ring finger.

hunting camo nailsImage Source

4. Orange Stripe Hunting Camo Nails

Some Realtree camo nail art gets a colorful accent with a couple of bold and bright hunter orange stripes!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

5. Glitter Hunter Camo Nails

Orange tips and a coat of glitter polish adds some fun color and sparkle to these hunter camo nails.

hunting camo nailsImage Source

6. Orange Hunter Camo Nail Art Tips

Bright hunter orange camo nail art on the tips of the nails are a great way to accessorize your hunting gear!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

7. Ornage Hunting Nail Art

A camo accent nail and a Browning deer on the thumb add some much needed hunting elements to these bright orange nails!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

8. Pink Deer Silhouette Cam Nails

Add some cute pink deer silhouettes to camo nail art for some adorable hunting camo nails!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

9. Camo and Pink Nail Tips

If pink is your thing, try these cute pink and camo nail art tips.

hunting camo nailsImage Source

10. Browning Deer and Camo Nail Tips

A white Browning deer transforms these glitter green and pink camo nails into hunting camo nails!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

11. Pink Realtree Camo Nails

For the true girly hunter, we have some adorable pink Realtree hunting camo nails!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

12. Muddy Girl Jamberry Nails

Sport some quick and easy hunting camo nail art with these amazing and simple Muddy Girl Jamberry nail decals!

hunting camo nailsImage Source

Now that’s you’ve got your hunting camo nails all ready, it’s time to hit the woods! Who knows? Maybe your new hunting nail art will bring you a little luck this season! Good luck and be safe!

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