12 Black Lab Tattoo Designs

A black lab is one of the most common dog breeds in the US, and for good reason. These are beautiful, loyal, and intelligent dogs. They make excellent companions and working dogs. Lab owners may even consider a black lab tattoo to honor their best furry friend.

There are lots of great black lab tattoo designs to choose from too. Many people actually opt to have their lab tattoo recreated from a photograph, which usually yields a rather realistic tattoo.

Here are a handful of fantastic black lab tattoos, if you need a little inspiration!

1. Black Lab Neck Tattoo

The back of the neck is an interesting place for a black lab tattoo.

black lab tattooImage Source

2. Black Lab Pup Tattoo

This cute little black lab puppy tattoo is located on the shoulder.

black lab tattooImage Source

3. Black Lab Tattoo From a Photo

It takes some amazing talent to recreate a black lab tattoos from photographs!

black lab tattooImage Source

4. Black Lab and Name Tattoo

If you have a favorite black lab, a tattoo with his face and name is a great way to honor him

black lab tattooImage Source

5. Black Lab Face Tattoo

This black lab tattoo catches the fun loving expression in this dog’s face perfectly!

black lab tattooImage Source

6. Sitting Black Lab Tattoo

This black lab tattoo has a patient waiting puppy sitting and looking up, waiting patiently.

black lab tattooImage Source

7. Profile of a Black Lab Tattoo

A side profile view of a black lab is a majestic view of a black lab.

black lab tattooImage Source

8. Alert Black Lab

This black lab looks like he’s ready to pounce!

black lab tattooImage Source

9. Black Lab With Red Bandana

A red bandana around this black lab’s neck adds a nice little pop of color in this tattoo.

black lab tattooImage Source

10. Black Lab Cartoon Tattoo

Cartoon style tattoos are a great choice to capture the essence of a fun loving pup!

black lab tattooImage Source

11. Duck Hunting Black Lab Tattoo

If your black lab is a hunter, here’s a tattoo design that can capture that beautifully.

black lab tattooImage Source

12. Black Lab Paw Tattoo

If a traditional dog tattoo isn’t your style, a realistic lab paw tattoo is another fun option!

black lab tattooImage Source

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