11 Cool Crackle Nail Designs

When it comes to doing the nails, there are a lot of trends just like there are in the world of fashion. There are just some styles of nails that women love to wear, and sometimes, the most unusual styles can be red hot and every woman in the world is going to want it. One unusual way to do the fingernails that has women everywhere interested is called crackle nails. Now, it may look strange to see nails that look like cracked tile, but the look is actually pretty interesting and colorful too. Don’t believe us? Well just keep reading!

Crackle nail designs can come in any color, and to show you all what we mean, we have gathered up these 11 Cool Crackle Nail Designs to show you all exactly what we are talking about. Typically when a woman has chipped or cracked her nail polish she actually removes the nail polish and starts over, but who knew that the cracked look would be so popular. Okay, we have said enough about this hot trend in nails because you need to see them for yourselves. Are you ready to check out the list of crackle nails? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Plain Nails with Purple Cracked and Flowered Tips

Now these are cool crackle nails! Just look at these awesome purple tips, and the flowers also add something cool to them because the flowers look like they are growing from the cracks.

Plain Nails with Purple Cracked and Flowered TipsPlain Nails with Purple Cracked and Flowered Tips

Grey and Black Crackle Nail Designs

These are the coolest crackle nails ever because they look like cracked concrete, and the black underneath that grey makes the design stand out even more, which is so cool!

Grey and Black Crackle Nail DesignsGrey and Black Crackle Nail Designs

Purple Crackle Nail Designs

Some colors just look better than they are cracked, and these purple crackle nails look so cool because they have a unique look you may not get with other colors.

Purple Crackle Nail DesignsPurple Crackle Nail Designs

Rainbow Crackle Nail Designs

Who says you cannot wear a rainbow on your hands? These rainbow crackle nails look really amazing because there are so many colors on every single nail!

Rainbow Crackle Nail DesignsRainbow Crackle Nail Designs

Black and Yellow Crackle Nails with One Glitter Silver Nail

Black and yellow always look great together, and these crackle nails look like bees, but the silver glitter nail also adds a little sparkle, which is bright and shiny!

Black and Yellow Crackle Nails with One Glitter Silver NailBlack and Yellow Crackle Nails with One Glitter Silver Nail

Half Pink Half Crackle Nails with Rhinestones

Now these nails are a new twist to plain crackle nails because they are half pink too, and the stones really add something special to the look of the nails.

Half Pink Half Crackle Nails with RhinestonesHalf Pink Half Crackle Nails with Rhinestones

Black Rainbow Crackle Nails

Rainbows do not include black, but these rainbow crackle nails sure do! The color combination mixed in with black are quite cool, and the best part is that the many colors will go with your wardrobe perfectly!

Black Rainbow Crackle NailsBlack Rainbow Crackle Nails

Dark Purple Rainbow Crackle Nails

Any dark color is going to make rainbow nails look better, and these nails feature dark purple as the dark color, which make them look pretty amazing!

Dark Purple Rainbow Crackle NailsDark Purple Rainbow Crackle Nails

Dark Pink Crackle Nails

Pink can come in many forms, and these are dark pink crackle nails, and these really look cool, and the cracked design really makes the color stand out.

Dark Pink Crackle NailsDark Pink Crackle Nails

Gold Crackle Nails

Gold can look amazing too if it is cracked, and here we see some gold crackle nails that are a little on the fancy side but cool too!

Gold Crackle NailsGold Crackle Nails

Dark Blue Glitter Crackle Nails

Who says that crackle nails cannot involve glitter? Here we see some amazing glitter crackle nails, and they are so shiny that they make the cracks really stand out!

Dark Blue Glitter Crackle NailsDark Blue Glitter Crackle Nails

So, were we right about how awesome crackle nails can look? Did these crackle nails surprise or impress you? If you have anything to say about these crackle nails, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of nail designs, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click on a link, and you’ll be on a new list of something in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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