11 Amazingly Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get a little wild and crazy. It’s the one night each year that it’s perfectly acceptable and normal to dress up as demons, devils, ghosts, and zombies. It’s also the time of year when seeing dead bodies and graveyards, among other terrifying sights, right in your neighbors’ front yards!

Some people go all out decorating for Halloween each year. Some of the outdoor Halloween decorations and displays are simply stunning, not to mention creepy and terrifying! If you need a little inspiration for your own outdoor Halloween decorations, take a cue from these imaginative and creepy Hallowen houses…

1. Crime Scene Halloween Decorations

Setting up a crime scene outside your house is a sure way to get a few scares on Halloween! Hopefully, though, it isn’t so scary that it keeps the trick-or-treaters away.

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

2. Crime In Progress Halloween Decor

The only thing scarier than a crime scene on your front lawn? A crime in progress inside your house!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

3. Haz-Mat Halloween House

Living next to this tricky guy must be a treat every Halloween! It may just be some clever outdoor Halloween decorations, but I think I’d keep my distance anyway.

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

4. Caged Babies Outdoor Halloween Decorations

There’s just something really creepy about babies in cages on your front lawn. Especially when they’re zombie babies in cages. Wait—is that the Easter bunny on the porch?!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

5. Ghost on Lighted Path

It’s not every day that you see a gossamer ghost taking a casual stroll down a jack-o-lantern lit path. Only on Halloween!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

6. Walking Dead Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Rick and the gang ward off a herd of walkers in this awesome outdoor Halloween display! I hope these outdoor Halloween decorations at least won this family an honorable mention in the local Halloween decorating contest!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

7. UFO Crash Landing Halloween Display

Something tells me that this family didn’t just run down to Walmart to pick up these outdoor Halloween deorations. This crash landing is a pretty amazing DIY project!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

8. Halloween cemetery Yard

There’s nothing like a little stroll in a cemetary to get you into the Halloween spirit, eh? Now, let’s just hope nothing reaches out of the ground…

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

9. Spider Home Invasion

Run for your lives! It’s the attack of the big scary hairy spiders!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

10. Skeleton Home Invasion

Giant spiders are pretty creepy, but an invasion of ghastly skeletons make for some spine chilling outdoor Halloween decorations!

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

11. Boarded Up Halloween House

A creepy boarded up house is a pretty foreboding sight. And, it doesn’t require hundreds of dollars of outdoor Halloween decorations to turn your house into a haunted hideaway.

outdoor halloween decorationsImage Source

Are you ready to get your own Halloween house all gussied up? If you’re on a budget, never fear! With a little creativity and outside the box thinking you can come up with your own terrifying outdoor Halloween decorations.

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