10 Questions to Ask as You Look for Cool Fonts

If you are designing a new website, you want to find some cool fonts to use to make your site look really good. The font that you select is going to do a lot to define the style of the site, though it will be more subtle than some of the other things that define it. This is important for branding and getting repeat visitors.

Cool Font

However, you do need to be careful about what cool fonts you decide to use. You need to ensure that your site works perfectly on all levels. As you look for the fonts that you want to use, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions.


Age Free Font

10 Questions to Ask as You Look for Cool Fonts

1. Is it easy to read the text? With some cursive fonts, they may be very hard to read even though they look good artistically. However, you need to know that your visitors can read what you have to say.

2. Does this font work with my logo? If your logo has already been designed with different cursive fonts, you do not want to use two that clash with each other.

3. Am I using too many fonts? Similarly, you want to limit yourself to just a few different fonts on your site. You should not have a different one for every page, or nothing will flow.

4. Is this a font that is traditionally overused? Do a lot of other people in your industry already use it? If they do, you could be washed out in a flood and not standing out from the crowd.

comic sans

Comic Sans Font

5. Do people already connect this font with another site? Your goal has to be to make them think about your site. If another, similar site is already using the font that you want to use, they might not remember yours because it will just remind them of the competition.

6. How often should a font like this be used? You need to decide if this is a font that you could use for all of your text, one that should just be used for headlines or one that you should use very sparingly.

7. Does it look good on HD monitors and older monitors? Some old English letters look awesome on HD monitors, but you cannot guarantee that your audience will be using them.

8. Will the font work on a mobile device? Similarly, the old English letters have to look good on phones.

9. Does this fit in with my branding? It is important for your branding to stay consistent at all times.

10. Does the font work in all sizes and colors? You might want to alter your site in the future, and you need to know that your cool fonts will still work.

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