10 Questions to Ask When Considering Short Haircuts for Women

It seems like short haircuts for women are becoming more and more popular each day. If you are thinking about trying out these hairstyles, though, you need to make sure that you are really committed to it. They are not for everyone, and your hair has a huge impact on the way that you look, even more so than your clothes, your skin or your teeth.

short layered
Short Layered Hair

Before deciding that any of the short hairstyles for women are for you, it is a good idea to ask yourself a series of questions. After you get through those questions, you will have a better idea of whether or not you want to try the short haircuts for women or if you are just better off to keep your hair at its normal length.

Short hair with bangs

Short Hair with Bangs

10 Questions to Ask When Considering Short Haircuts for Women

1. Is it going to be practical? Certain hairstyles work better in certain professions. For example, short hair can be very nice if you always have to wear a hat at work.

2. Has my hair ever been this short before? If it has been close, what did you think of it? If you did not like it then, you do not want to go any shorter.

3. What is this going to expose? Some people are surprised by how they look with short hair because it makes other features – such as their ears – more dominant.

4. Can I still do different things with my hair? If you love to put your hair up and wear it in different ways, having it cut too short might make it impossible for you to do what you want.

5. How would short hair look with my glasses? If you wear glasses, your hair might now be drawn back farther from the frame. Will you like the way that this draws extra attention to your glasses?

women with glasses

For Hair with Glasses

6. Could it be altered with a trim? Some haircuts can be fixed with trimming if you do not like them, but that is hard with short, cute hairstyles because there is nothing left to remove.

7. What will it look like if I decide to dye it? Are your favorite colors still going to work?

8. How long will it take to grow out? If your hair grows slowly, you have to deal with short haircuts for women for longer.

9. What are the drawbacks? Is having short hair going to have any negative impacts on your life?

10. Do I know anyone who likes similar short hairstyles for women? Often, asking them about these cute hairstyles can help you pick the right one. They can give you tips and advice based on the things that they have tried.

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