10 of the Best Plugins for Photoshop Effects

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool that deserves a top spot in every graphic designer’s toolbox. While it is great for manipulating photos, some Photoshop effects possible take hours to professionally produce. If you want to shorten the amount of time you spend on trial and error with your designs, try downloading some new plugins that expedite the amount of time it takes to produce your Photoshop effects. The following list is full of different photo filters, Photoshop textures and other cool design tactics that will not only make you work faster, but inspire you to


Taking photos on a digital camera is awesome for capturing anything and everything. Unfortunately, these photos are usually full of noise and sometimes unusable for designs. Noisewear automatically sharpens your photos and makes them perfect for your cool designs.

Texture Anarchy

This program allows you to comb through different Photoshop textures and find the ones that fit perfectly into your designs.

Filter Forge

This Photoshop effect plugin is perfect for architects and designers who want to add different effects to their buildings in order to increase dramatic appearances.

Blow Up 3

Increasing the size of your photos always runs the risk of losing quality. Don’t lose any of your pixels by using Blow Up 3, a program that uses bicubic filters to create accurate images from blown up selections.

Machine Wash Deluxe

This is a simple, yet fun, Photoshop effect plugin that gives all of your designs an instant machine-washed, distressed texture.

Machine Wash Deluxe1
Machine Wash Deluxe

Bokeh 2

Bokeh is a type of effect that uses specialized lenses to manipulate focus, vignette and depth in photographs. Eliminate all of the complicated steps and use this plugin to create awesome bokeh textures in a matter of seconds.

Topaz Adjust

This powerful Photoshop effect plugin allows you to dramatically enhance the appearance of your photos. It takes Photoshop textures and uses color manipulation and detail enhancement to make your dull photos pop out of the screen.

Topaz Adjust
Topaz Adjust

Exposure 4

Have you always wanted to get the perfect Hollywood film reel effects for your photos, but couldn’t figure out how? Check out Exposure 4 to easily add Photoshop effects like analog-style finishes, border and scratches that turn your photos into possible movie posters.

3D Invigorator

This Photoshop effect plugin is a perfect complement that enhances the program’s already powerful 3D rendering enginge.


Cartoon yourself today when you download ToonIt. Instead of messing around with the pen tool for hours on end, simply run this Photoshop effect plugin and cartoon yourself in a couple of seconds instead of hours.


While these Photoshop effect plugins work wonders for your workflow, they are no substitute to good design skills. Never rely on these programs for your graphic design needs and make sure you are capable of understanding the processes that go on when you run them. This will make you a more thoughtful and intuitive designer in the long run.

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