10 Beautiful and Heartwarming Maternity Photo Ideas

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy, you have probably been considering maternity photo ideas. Maternity photography has become a popular trend among expecting parents over the last few decades, but some couples have a hard time coming up with fresh and original maternity photo ideas. For some women, the idea of capturing images of themselves an extra 20 or 30 pounds heavier is daunting, but in the end, they are all glad they took the plunge and invested in maternity portraits.

Whether you plan to have a friend or family member shoot your photos at home or intend to hire the services of a professional photographer, it helps to come up with a few maternity photo ideas ahead of time. The following round up can help you get started planning your own maternity photos.

Single Subject Maternity Photo Ideas

Single Subject1
Single Subject
• Focus on the Bump: Baby bumps are beautiful. Consider a few up close and personal photographs of your belly as it grows along with the little one inside.
• Add a Few Props: Toys are always a big hit when included in maternity photo ideas. Suggestions include wooden blocks that spell out baby’s name or toys like trains and dolls.
• Make an Announcement: While a photo of a pregnant mother is an announcement in itself, you can add items that provide clues to the baby’s gender or the due date.

Maternity Photo Ideas with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

• Get Intimate: Sometimes overlooked, dads are a big factor in good maternity photo ideas. Intimate portrait ideas include dad caressing or kissing the baby bump or making a heart with his hands over mom’s tummy.
• Be Playful: It’s always fun to include a few playful maternity photo ideas featuring mom and dad. Pictures with mom’s baby belly and dad’s beer belly is one way to go, but use your imagination to come up with your own.
• Show the Love: Some of the best maternity photo ideas highlight the love of the parents such as the expressions they wear when they look at one another.

Maternity Photo Ideas Featuring the Whole Family

Whole Family

• The Hands Have It: One way to get the whole family in on the act is by zooming in on the baby bump with everyone’s hands spread across mom’s tummy.
• Sweeten It Up: Expecting parents with one or two small children often choose intimate and sweet shots of the smaller kids kissing or hugging mom’s belly.
• Active Portraits: Show how your family plays together by capturing active outdoor shots that feature every family member.
• Home Is Where the Heart Is: Shooting family portraits relaxed in a home setting can be some of the most heartwarming maternity photo ideas.

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