10 Beautiful Black Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

Black cats are often thought of as being unlucky, bringing doom and gloom and misfortune to anyone who crosses their paths. However, black cat owners know that this isn’t true. Black cats can make pretty awesome companions, and some people may even go as far as getting a black cat tattoo design!

Looking for a black cat tattoo of your own? Check out this little list of pretty cool options!

1. Tiny Behind the Ear Black Cat Tattoo

A tiny little black cat perched just behind the ear is an unexpected and adorable little tattoo!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

2. Pretty Black Cat Tattoo

Here’s a very pretty black cat tattoo design for just about anyone!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

3. Long Haired Black Cat Tattoo

If a long haired kitty stole your heart, you might just love these long haired black cat tattoos!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

4. Cranky Black Cat Tattoo Design

Anyone with a cat should be familiar with the look on this cranky little black cat’s face!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

5. Cat in Tree Tattoo

Here’s an adorable little black cat tattoo design with the little kitty perched on a branch.

black cat tattoo designImage Source

6. Flowers and Black Cat Tattoo

The little red flowers add a gorgeous little pop of color to this black cat tattoo design!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

7. Geometric Black Cat Tattoo

A geometric black cat tattoo design is an interesting and unique spin on a typical tattoo.

black cat tattoo designImage Source

8. Black Cat on Celtic Moon Tattoo

The Celtic crescent moon makes an awesome perch for this whimsical black cat!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

9. Forest in Black Cat Tattoo Design

You know what they say—you can take the black cat out of the cabin in the forest, but you can’t take the cabin in the forest out of the cat.

black cat tattoo designImage Source

10. Black Cat With Red Bow Tattoo

A little red bow makes this one pretty kitty!

black cat tattoo designImage Source

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