10 Amazing Yet Simple Photoshop Tutorials You Can Learn Today

Photoshop is fun to work with and is a valuable tool for web designers, photographers and artists. While this image editor isn’t exactly a cinch to learn, it isn’t as hard to use as many people believe. One of the easiest ways to teach yourself how to use Photoshop is by replicating simple Photoshop tutorials found on the Web.

If you want to learn how to enhance your creative or business endeavors, the following simple Photoshop tutorials can turn you from a novice into an intermediate or expert Photoshop user.

Go From Drab to Fab with Colorization

Sometimes a vintage black and white photo is perfect as is, but for those times when color is king, this is one of the best simple Photoshop tutorials to transform a black and white image into a retro masterpiece with a hand-colored look.


Tilt-Shift Your Photos Into a Cool Miniature Effect

Faux miniature effects are all the rage, but even seasoned image editors think it’s too complex to undertake. This tutorial proves that even beginners can master the tilt-shift effect and miniaturize all types of photos.

Miniature Effect

Make Your Photos Pop in Five Steps

When your perfect shot comes out too dark or light, this tutorial is for you. This is one of the most useful and simple Photoshop tutorials for learning how to improve images in just a few easy steps.

Pop in Five Steps

Create Professional-Looking Text Effects

Envious of those websites with dramatic header text? You can find dozens of simple Photoshop tutorials for text effects online, and this is one of the easiest and most beautiful.

text effect
Text Effects

Add Brilliant Light Effects to Your Design Projects

Sometimes all it takes to punch up an ordinary graphic is a cool lighting effect as seen in this easy Photoshop tutorial.

light effects
Light Effects

Turn a Picture into a Beautiful and Surreal Portrait

This is one of the best simple Photoshop tutorials for portrait manipulation. Remember to take advantage of the included project files to achieve success.

surreal portrait
Beautiful and Surreal Portrait

Make an Impact with Vibrant Color

Perfect for advertising or making a corporate website stand out, this tutorial teaches you how to make a bland and uninteresting photo unique, interesting and gorgeous.

vibrant color
Vibrant Color

Create Text that Literally Glows

Add another amazing text transformation skill to your arsenal with this easy Photoshop Tutorial.

Text that Literally Glows

Attract Attention with a Cool Glass Ball

When you need to draw the viewer’s eye, place your subject inside a cool glass ball. You can learn how to do it with this easy tutorial.

glass ball
Cool Glass Ball

Easily Change the Color of your Subject’s Eyes

Whether you want to correct red eyes caused by camera flash or are interested in completely altering the eye color of your subject, this is one of the most professional and simple Photoshop tutorials for eye color.

Color of your Subject’s Eyes

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