10 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials CS5 Users Love

Anyone familiar with Photoshop knows the Web holds a treasure trove of tutorials designed for all skill levels. Unfortunately, many of these resources came from older versions of the software, meaning they might not function properly on newer releases. While it’s possible to use some of these tutorials anyway, they probably won’t deliver the results designers are hoping for if they use a newer version of Photoshop. The solution comes by way of brand new Photoshop tutorials CS5 users have graciously uploaded to the Web.

Can’t spare the time to sort through all the offerings to find what you need? SloDive comes to the rescue with this collection of Photoshop Tutorials CS5 users rely on.

1. Give your Images an Antique Look

With Photoshop CS5’s advanced toolkit, you can create beautiful and authentic looking antiqued photographs. All it takes is patience, time and attention to detail.

Antique Look

2. Be a Modern-Day Jonathan Swift

Like Jonathan Swift before you, conceive your own giant and for a contemporary twist, place him inside a large metropolis location like New York City’s Central Park.


3. Create a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are always a hit and this meteorite impacting the Empire State Building is an impressive example of Photoshop tutorials CS5 helps users create.


4. Stylish Contemporary Poster

Take advantage of CS5’s improved tools to create this beautiful and modern poster. Aside from a picture of a model, all you’ll need is the software itself.

Contemporary Poster

5. Peel Open a Brick Wall

This study of the software’s powerful displacement filter is one of the most impressive Photoshop tutorials for CS5. It’s easy to get creative and use stone edifices, wooden structures or ceramic tile walls instead of brick.

Brick Wall

6. Light Up an Image with Shining Effects

You can turn any image into a gallery-ready masterpiece with well-chosen tutorials. This one takes a plain image and brings it to life with glittering light effects that turn on the shine.

Shining Effects

7. Abstract Art Featuring the Female Forms

Amazing things happen when you combine abstract art with the beauty of the female form. This art tutorial renders the hint of a golden, glowing woman surrounded by whimsical shapes.

female form
Abstract Art

8. Create a Surreal Poster Featuring…You

One of the best Photoshop tutorials for CS5, this project’s best feature is the heightened detail of the subject. You can use an image of yourself or find a suitable, public domain image online.

Surreal Poster

9. Stunning Splatter Art

The finished product created by using this tutorial screams “Wow!” to anyone lucky enough to get a glimpse. Watch the video provided to learn how.

Splatter Art

10. Recreate WeGraphic’s “A Life of Aquatic Sounds”

Learn how to create this beautiful and serene poster featuring aquatic life in a bottle. One of the most impressive Photoshop tutorials CS5 users rely on.


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