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Now that you have a good blog (of course, you think that way), it is time to brush through some real and hardcore facts. It is not unnatural to

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Pinterest is an addictive Social Media to share your interest on internet. Being an image based site, it has raised a lot of interest and curiosity. If you are

20 Tips To Increase Website Security

Few months back, we had a hard time in getting SloDive out of the clutches of hackers who most probably hacked our website just for “fun”, but we the

WordPress Plugins vs Blogger Widgets – Essential Kit

“Well, what an unfair comparison” you may think. Blogger is what the name itself speaks, a dedicated free blogging platform with standard features, while the master of plugins, WordPress.org,

Create Personal WordPress Login Page To Strengthen Your WordPress

WordPress Login page has been known by all of WordPress users. People are easily get access to the wp-login.php by typing /wp-login.php next to each web address they found

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jQuery, a cross-browser JavaScript library has come a long way in simplifying the client-side scripting of HTML. Since its release in Jan 2006, it has been the popular JavaScript

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Developers looking for online button maker tools can access many useful websites to have their purpose served. The websites help a great deal in button making, which are an

Glimpse Of Design and Tech Trends Of 2011 And Things To Look Forward To In 2012

Year 2011 has been a year of both Boom and Gloom. On one side, we saw magnificent growth in the industry with new technologies embracing us and making our