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14 Cuddly Kitty Cat Tattoos

Cat lovers are people who adore their cats so much that they express it by having a feline tattoo put on their body. There are so many designs available

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There are people in the world that love dogs so much that they treat the furry canines like members of the family. Some people also show their pet love

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Women may want a tattoo, but do not want it on a place like their arms or backs, so they decide to get it somewhere a little more discreet

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Some women want a tattoo, but want a small one that they can put in a discreet place. The back of the wrist is kind of a hidden area,

11 Fun Finger Tattoos

Tattoos can be inked onto any part of the body, but there are some people that want a small tattoo that might not be too noticeable. Finger tattoos are

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Wolves are very popular animals especially when it comes to tattoos. Some people have a really personal connection to these strong animals, and they want to wear them on

14 Ravishing Rose Tattoos

There are some people in the world that have a green thumb, and everything they plant grows beautifully whether it is vegetables or flowers. One popular item that people

12 Stunning Star Body Tattoos

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight! Remember that lovely little nursery rhyme? Well, if you just happen to love stars, you don’t have to look up