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11 Interesting Breakup Tattoos

We’d like to think that love is long lasting and even forever. But, sometimes things don’t always work out how we planned. Not all relationships are matches made in

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The hummingbird is one of the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. Hummingbirds are the smallest and some of the most colorful of all birds. They are also

15 Creative Collar Bone Tattoo Designs for Women

The collar bone is a sensual sot on almost any woman. It’s also not a typical spot for a tattoo, so a collar bone tattoo design is both sexy

18 Teeny Tiny Micro Tattoo Design Ideas

Not everyone wants a large, in-your-face tattoo. Some people prefer tiny little tattoos. If you’re looking for a subtle and inconspicuous tattoo, a micro tattoo design might be a

19 Intriguing Key Tattoo Design Ideas

We typically keep our most valuable possessions under lock and key, literally and figuratively. Our money, our jewelry, and even our hearts can be protected by a lock and

10 Awesome Sketch Tattoos

Perfectly designed and etched tattoos are the norm, generally. A good tattoo artist can create a tattoo design on a human canvas that has such exceptional detail that that

13 Different and Creative Yin and Yang Tattoo Designs

The yin and yang is a Chinese symbol that represents two opposite principles. The dark side of the symbol is referred to as the yin, and it is considered

11 Prince Tattoos to Honor a Legend

It’s been just a few days since the iconic artist Prince passed away, and many fans are simply devastated. Prince was a talented artist and was well known for