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12 Adorable Seahorse Tattoos

Full of color and often found on the ankles of women, seahorse tattoos are extremely vibrant and (due to the overall rarity of them) can be rather fun to

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While some people aim for riches, others aim for respect, which is one of the reasons why loyalty over royalty tattoos are so incredibly popular. Sought out by many

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Often associated with anchors (due to their bold meaning), I refuse to sink tattoos are a hit amongst strong minded women in times of struggle, and certainly show a

The Top 10 Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

In addition to being played by one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Harley Quinn was one of the most beloved characters in the 2016’’s “Suicide Squad”, a movie sought

12 Cool Harp Tattoo Designs

Though many think of them as non-cultural musical instruments, harps are actually Irish symbols, often associated with Emerald Isle and used in many Irish tales. Harps can also be

11 Amazing Filigree Tattoos

Often done in either gold or silver ink, filigree tattoos feature beautifully drawn lines, and tend to be very appealing. According to many artists, these tattoos are not only

14 Creative Self Made Tattoo Design Ideas

Wildly popular amongst those with a DIY mindset, self made tattoo designs are a great way of showing the world just how independent you are. Not only do self

14 Trendy Pelvic Tattoo Designs

Though it is a rather area is a rather painful area to get inked, many women prefer pelvic tattoos, and whether this is because the designs can be easily