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Over the past few years, square nail designs have become increasingly popular, and are now, for many people, a personal and rather serious fashion statement. Not only have more

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Often preferred over acrylic nails due to their long-lasting durability, gel nail designs are beautifully glossy and extremely popular. Whether you are looking for nails that won’t soon have

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Shellac Nail Designs are not only completely smudge proof, but they are also very long lasting. Since re-painting your nails each month, and constantly getting manicures can be rather expensive and

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Often referred to as stiletto nails, pointy nails are a growing trend, worn by many different celebrities. Though they may not be suitable for all occasions due to their

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Does your daughter or niece love getting their nails done? Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to designs for little girls. They love anything bright, sparkly,

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Plain Jane nails are fine most of the time, but the solid colors can get pretty boring after a while. Striped nails are an easy and quick nail art

15 Sunflower Nail Designs for Summer and Beyond

Summer is the time for sun and fun! Summer nails should be bright, cheerful, and colorful. Flowers are a common theme in many summer nail art designs just for