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Burgundy may not be the first shade that comes to mind when thinking of nail designs, however, it looks great both by itself and next to other colors. Worn

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Worn by many people and commonly referred to as acrylics, clear nails are a great fashion statement and look best with glitter designs. In addition to their overall beauty

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Fortunately for those looking to make a serious fashion statement, chevron nail designs are very easy to implement, and also very easy to customize since almost any color scheme

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Nothing screams fun quite like tropical nail designs, with their bright colors and beachey themes, they are a hit with many people and great for the warm weather. While

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Over the past few years, square nail designs have become increasingly popular, and are now, for many people, a personal and rather serious fashion statement. Not only have more

25 Gel Nail Designs

Often preferred over acrylic nails due to their long-lasting durability, gel nail designs are beautifully glossy and extremely popular. Whether you are looking for nails that won’t soon have

30 Shellac Nail Designs

Shellac Nail Designs are not only completely smudge proof, but they are also very long lasting. Since re-painting your nails each month, and constantly getting manicures can be rather expensive and

30 Pointy Nail Designs

Often referred to as stiletto nails, pointy nails are a growing trend, worn by many different celebrities. Though they may not be suitable for all occasions due to their