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With so many new ideas being thought of all the time, and so many old ones constantly being recreated, it is no wonder as to why people have become

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Often worn by those who like to hunt, deer tattoos are very meaningful, usually symbolizing either virility or sexual prowess for males, and either gentleness or motherly love for

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Typically done through the lobe or helix with rounded rings, orbital piercings enter and exit two or more perforations of the ear. Though, due to the multiple entry areas,

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Nothing screams worry-free happiness quite like live laugh love tattoos!  Serving as perhaps the world’s most positively uplifting and care-free tattoo design, live laugh love tattoos are a huge

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While punctually they are used between two clauses or to indicate a pause, in tattoo form, they are used to express the power within yourself.  Dedicated to promoting hope

The 17 Best Pictures Of Aphrodite

Often referred as “Venus” by the Romans, and considered by many to be the God of love, Aphrodite is indeed a household name. Though some question the validity behind

16 Amazing 3D Harry Potter Wallpapers

Given the fact that Harry Potter is a wildly popular series, it should come as no surprise that there a lot of Potter themed computer backgrounds and desktop wallpapers.