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13 Outrageous Orange Fun and Fruity Nail Designs

With the summer, a lot of people really have access to the fresh summer fruits like oranges. Oranges are good for the body, and delicious to eat, but who would have ever guessed they

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One of the most popular ways for women to do fingernails is to get what is called a French manicure. With this type of nail design, the nail is usually left alone, but the

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When it comes to nails, there are many colors to choose from for those nails to be painted. However, why settle for just one color when you can paint your nails to look like

15 Pretty and Punky Pink Hairstyles

Pink is an awesome color that is usually used the most often to symbolize a girl. When a woman is pregnant with a baby girl, she is showered with a lot of baby items

14 Fun Ice Cream Cone Nail Designs

Women can put absolutely anything on their fingernails, and these 14 Fun Ice Cream Cone Nail Designs prove that even something as simple as little ice cream cones can really look great if they

12 Cute Cupcake Nail Designs

Fingernails can be so much fun if women decide to do something unique like have cupcakes painted on their nails, or they can do it themselves if they have the talent. We have searched

13 Pretty Polka Dot Nail Designs

There are all kinds of ways that women can express who they are, and one of the most unique ways is by painting their nails all kinds of really unique ways. We know how

12 Vibrant Yellow Hairstyles

When people think of yellow hair, they think of various shades of blonde hair, but the fact is that there are some hairstyles that involve yellow hair. Even famous singers love to have yellow