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Justin Bieber was a teenage boy when his YouTube videos got the attention of the world, and soon, his unique voice was all over the radio, and there were millions of teenage girls that

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When it comes time for women to do their nails, they have endless choices about the color, but what if they decide to go with something unique, and get print designs done on their

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Christina Aguilera is one of the judges on the popular competition show, The Voice, but what few people know is that she actually started out on television on the Disney Channel’s All New Mickey

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The summer is almost over, but a lot of people are very sad that the summer is ending, and will do anything they can to hold onto every last trace of it. One thing

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Britney Spears first began her career on the Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel, and she starred alongside future fellow singers Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and future actors Chad Allen, and Ryan Gosling.

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There are many parts of the beach that some women love like the shells and the starfish. Anyone that loves the beach will often collect things like shells and starfish, but what about if

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Back in the day, the military were the only people that had access to camouflage because it was so vital to keeping soldiers safe. As time marched on, camouflage was then open the hunters,

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There is something really cool about the color purple because it is a color that can be something that either men or women can wear. Purple is also known as the color of royalty,