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15 Waterfall Nail Art Designs With a Wow Factor

Waterfall nail art is a simple but beautiful design. To create waterfall nails, a nail striper or thin paint brush is used to paint several different colors of streaks from the base of the

10 Compass Foot Tattoos So You’ll Never Lose Your Way

Compass tattoos are some of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoos out there. One of the more unique places to get compass tattoos is on the feet. People may get compass foot tattoos for

29 Wicked Ways to Rock Blue Hair!

Not so long ago, blue hair was seen as a sign of rebellion and a punk lifestyle. These days, though, shades of blue hair, along with other bright hair colors, are becoming more and

Bangs can be a great addition to a super cute hairstyle! But, sometimes you just want to change things up a bit and try something new. But, growing out bangs can be a pain.

17 Inspired Plaid Nail Art Designs To Fall In Love With

Who says plaid has to be drab? Plaid nail art designs are far from drab! In fact, they’re a little fab! Plaid nails are fun to experiment with. Red, black, and white are traditional

10 Chevy Tattoo Ideas With Bow Ties

Chevy cars and trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in the United States. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see a Chevy driving down the road or parked in a parking lot

13 Twisted Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Long hair is sexy and feminine. Long haired girls can also easily change up their look by changing hairstyles. Running out of hairstyle ideas for long hair is a pretty big bummer, though. You

12 Ways to Rock Crimped Hair 2015 Style

Ah, the 80′s… A decade of scrunchies, massive earrings, spandex, acid wash jeans, and—of course—crimped hair! Anyone who made it through the 80′s in one piece has to remembered the big crimped hair. And,