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Summer braided hairstyles are a huge hit when the weather gets warm. When the mercury starts to rise, long hair can get heavy, hot, and extremely uncomfortable. Braided hairstyles for long hair, though, keep

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Long manicured talons are nice to have, but they aren’t always a possibility for everyone. Some people, from nail biters to typists, are just stuck with short nails. Or not stuck with them. Actually

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Easy nail art designs are great any time of the year, but they’re especially fun for summer! When the weather turns warm, we can throw off those gloves and dig out the flip-flops. It’s

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17 Ways to Repurpose Old French Doors

Old French doors are both beautiful and, if you can get them for free or cheap, very economical. They’re also very attractive, with a rustic old school charm, which is why many people choose