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12 Totally Cool Angry Bird Nail Designs

Angry Birds is a very popular game that came out years ago, and it literally set the world on fire with how cute, fun, and challenging it was. After its release, everyone in the

10 Pretty Pig Nail Art Designs

Pigs are a very popular animal, and there have been a lot of famous pigs including Miss Piggy from the Muppets, and Babe from the movie of the same title. How popular are pigs?

10 Wacky Watermelon Nail Designs

Every summer, millions of people look forward to the fact that their favorite fruit is going to be in bloom. Just what is the most popular summer fruit there is? The answer is watermelons!

14 Gorgeous Yellow Nail Designs

The one color that can be describe the summertime is yellow. The color yellow represents the sun, and is also so bright and cherry that people often feel better just looking at it. So

10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Cherry Nail Designs

Long nails mean that every single nail is essentially a blank canvas that women will use to create tiny little works of art. One way to turn nails into art is to color them

12 Beautiful Wedding Fingernail Designs

Weddings are wonderful occasions that take anywhere from six months to one year to plan, and every detail is carefully planned out from what the couple will wear to where everyone will sit. One

11 Totally Tasty Chocolate Nail Designs

Want to see fingernail designs that look good enough to eat? We have searched far and wide for 11 Totally Tasty Chocolate Nail Art Designs to show you just how talented and tasty fingernail

12 Hilarious Happy Face Nail Designs

If you are happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it, or in this case… your nails! We want you all to have a good day, so we gathered some