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15 Easy Nail Art Designs for Summer

Easy nail art designs are great any time of the year, but they’re especially fun for summer! When the weather turns warm, we can throw off those gloves and dig out the flip-flops. It’s

10 Beautiful Black Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

Black cats are often thought of as being unlucky, bringing doom and gloom and misfortune to anyone who crosses their paths. However, black cat owners know that this isn’t true. Black cats can make

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Wall murals can really liven up a space. They can do so much more than a few coats of paint can! They can add style, sophistication, and even a view. There are all different

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What do you do when you’re getting bored with your plain old jewelry? Trade it in for some human tooth jewelry, of course! Human tooth jewelry isn’t something that you see every day! It

13 Fast and Furious Checkered Flag Nails

Race day is an exciting and heart pounding day for most fans! Like any sport, it’s not uncommon for fans to dress up in their favorite driver’s colors or general racing gar. In addition

12 Awesome Fingerprint Tattoo Designs

Fingerprints are one of the few physical characteristics that are completely unique to an individual. This makes them extremely personal and unique symbols. It’s actually a wonder why more people don’t choose fingerprint tattoo

14 Whimsical Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas

Fairies are complicated little sprites from ancient folklore and legends. These little mythical beings are usually depicted as small, beautiful little creatures with gossamer wings. Fluttering around the forest, they spend their days and

20 Handy Text Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing softwares in the world. It can be used for everything from touching up basic family photos to creating more extensive and elaborate images for things