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When it comes to their nails, some women really love to paint their nails in bright flashy colors that everyone is sure to notice. However, there are some women who love to paint their

11 Sexy Snakeskin Nail Designs

Some women really love doing their fingernails in all kinds of really crazy ways. One way to do the fingernails is to do them in a snakeskin design, which can be a lot of

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Marvel Comics have some of the most memorable super heroes there is, and over the past few years, they have been the source of some of the greatest movies ever like the Iron Man

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When it comes to super heroes, it is truly a man’s world. However, there are some women super heroes that fight just as hard as their male counterparts, and deserve as much respect. One

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The New Year has begun, and many women have done something special to their nails to celebrate the start of a whole new year. There is nothing more fun than the chance to start

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Santa Claus is the most recognizable part of Christmas, and when it comes to painting the nails, Santa Claus is the decoration used most often. Women love to put Santa Claus on their fingernails

10 Marvelous Metallic Nail Designs

Anything metal can be a lot of fun because it is so strong looking, but also really shiny too! Ever see a car with a really shiny looking paint job and thought that it

15 Marvelous Marble Nail Designs

There are countless ways to paint the fingernails, and a lot of women are very creative about coming up with new designs. One popular way to paint the nails is to have a cool