23 Playful and Cute Nail Art Designs

Sometimes a plain nail polish can get a little boring. That’s where cute nail art designs come in! Cute nail art designs can be created for nearly any occasion in any colors. Girls looking for something a little different might want

13 Regrettably Bad Tattoo Designs

Bad artwork can really ruin an otherwise great tattoo design, but no amount of artistic talent can redeem bad tattoo designs! People who get inked with bad tattoo designs are sentenced to life with their own bad decision. Tattoos aren’t easily

20 Rockin’ Studded Nail Art Designs

Studded nail art designs are the ultimate badass nail art design! They’re edgy, sexy, and unique. They’re also rather easy to create, so just about anyone can rock some studded nails! To create studded nails, small metal nail art studs are

15 Rockin’ Rolling Stones Tattoo Designs

The Rolling Stones are one of the most popular and influential rock n’ roll bands of our time. Established in 1962, The Rolling Stones have a couple dozen albums and a few hundred songs under their belts. And, they’re┬ástill going strong

22 Sultry and Sexy Fishnet NailsFishnet

Fishnet nails are a simple and unique nail art design to try. The diagonal crossed lines are interesting and different. Since they mimic the look of fishnet stockings, fishnet nails are also a bit sexy as well. Creating fishnet nail art

12 Southern Pride Rebel Flag Nails

The Southern rebel flag has been the subject of quite a bit of controversy in the pat. However, some people see the confederate flag as a symbol of heritage, Southern pride, and going against the grain. The rebel flag can alo

15 Sexy Snake Bites Piercing Ideas

A snake bites piercing is a type of lower lip piercing. It is actually a set of piercings, evenly spaced on either side of the lower lip. A snake bites piercing often goes straight through the lip and out the other

15 Darling Little Daisy Nail Art Designs

In spring and summer, daisy flowers bloom across the countryside and in urban parks. Their bright white petals and cheerful yellow centers are a sign that spring is in full swing and summer is close on its heels. Toward the middle