Decorative Christmas Tree Designs

Amidst the holiday season, many are in search of decorative design ideas for their tree. Since these are not easy to think up independently, researching different designs online can certainly be of help.  Listed below are 10 of the most popular

15 Incredible Christmas Sweaters

It is the season of giving, and the season of ugly Christmas sweaters. Serving as one of the best things to look forward to during the holidays, ugly Christmas sweaters are fun, goofy, and sported by many each and every year.

10 Alternatives To Photoshop (The Top 10 Photo Editing Apps Of 2016)

For those of us who have yet to dive into photoshop, quality image editing apps are a great place to start. While certain skills, knowledge, and time is needed in order to use photoshop correctly, these photo editing apps can be

10 Fun Nail Designs For Little Girls!

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15 Unique Negative Space Tattoos

Negative space tattoos refer to tattoos in which the main part of the design is not ink,, but uncovered skin. These are unique and original tattoo designs and are usually quite eye catching. If you’re looking for an original and interesting

14 Striped Nails Anyone Can Try

Plain Jane nails are fine most of the time, but the solid colors can get pretty boring after a while. Striped nails are an easy and quick nail art design to try when you want to jazz up your nail routine.