Cherry nail art is a fun and cute nail art design to try! Cherry nails are also pretty simple to create, so they’re a good choice for just about anyone who wants to paint nails in a fun design, from novices

16 Pretty in Pink Tattoo Designs

Pink tattoos are sweet and feminine tattoos for women. Pink ribbon tattoos are often popular choices to honor loved ones who have battled breast cancer. However, there are so many other tattoo designs that can be inked in pink too! Getting

15 Fruity Kiwi Nails

Kiwi nails are fun nail art designs to sport during the summer months. Or, if you’re so inclined, at any other time of the year, but, kiwi fruit just have a tropical warm feel to them, making them better suited for

17 Subtle White Ink Wrist Tattoo Ideas

All white ink tattoos weren’t commonplace several years ago. White tattoo ink was, and still is, used primarily as a highlight color in traditional tattoos. However, a white tattoo trend seems to have caught on, and they are becoming less and

21 Enchanting Fishtail Braid Ideas for Women

A fishtail braid is one of the more common variations of the classic three-strand braid. It is so named because it resembles the spine or tail of a fish, and it is also sometimes referred to as a Herringbone or fishbone

14 Out of This World Galaxy Nails

The sparkle and swirl of a galaxy is a stunning sight, whether you’re looking at one through a telescope or just a photograph. Women can capture some of this awe-inspiring sight with galaxy nail art! Galaxy nails usually contain some twinkling

14 Inspiring Ways to Use a Tattoo to Cover Self-Injury Scars

WARNING: The following blog post contains images that could possibly be triggering to those who have suffered from or are currently suffering from self-injurious behavior. If you need emotional support or help overcoming this issue, please consider reaching out to Self

23 Playful and Cute Nail Art Designs

Sometimes a plain nail polish can get a little boring. That’s where cute nail art designs come in! Cute nail art designs can be created for nearly any occasion in any colors. Girls looking for something a little different might want