12 Simple Rhinestone Nail Art Designs

A simple rhinestone nail art design is one of the easiest ways to really up the wow factor of your mani! Nail art rhinestones are easy to use and bring lots of extra sparkle to your nails. While rhinestone nails are

18 Stunning Splattered Tattoo Design Ideas

A splattered tattoo design is a nice option for anyone looking for an unusual and unique tattoo design. Splattered tattoos aren’t something you see every day, partly because this is a somewhat new tattoo style. If you’ve never seen a splattered

16 Snowy Winter Nail Art Ideas

Winter nail art is perfect for those blustery days when the mercury dips and the snow is flying. Whether you’re excited about the first snow fall or waist deep in the fifth blizzard of the year, winter nails can be a

16 Beautiful Bow and Arrow Tattoo for Women Designs

Bow and arrow tattoos hold some powerful symbolism for some. This primitive weapon was—and still is—used for hunting and protection. These days, a bow and arrow tattoo may symbolize strength, power, potential and spirit. Since this weapon was also commonly used

20 Terrific Turkey Nail Art Designs

Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving is almost here! This year, why not shake things up a bit and try some fun turkey nail art! Turkey nail art is the perfect design for Thanksgiving nails! Any lady celebrating Turkey Day can wear some cute

13 Wicked Ways to Use Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is definitely not for every lady. However, there are some occasions that call for it. Halloween might come to mind when you first think of red eyeshadow, for instance. Sometimes red eye makeup is really all you need to

11 Creepy Walking Dead Nail Art Designs

The Walking Dead has quickly become one of the most popular television series today. There’s just something about zombies, groups of survivors, and a heroic bad boy with a crossbow to get people’s blood pumping. The popularity of the show has

17 Spirited Stay Strong Tattoo Design Ideas

There are sometimes in life when we all need to be reminded to “stay strong”, some of us more than others. A Stay Strong tattoo design might just be the way to remind ourselves to do just that. Getting a Stay