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When it comes to doing the nails, a lot of women go for a look that is both stylish and fun, and what could be more fun than doing their nails in stripes? Some women may find stripes on nails boring,

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Cher is one of the most famous singers in the world, and she has been in the music business for a very long time. Cher was first part of the duo known as Sonny and Cher, but then she struck out

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There are many colors that go great together, and some that you might not think of putting together like pink and gold. However, the softness of pink, and the fancy aspect of gold, make them perfect partners in any scenario even

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It is a natural fact of the natural world that butterflies do not live long, and with a very short lifespan, these amazing little creatures live their lives to the fullest before it is their time to do. Many poeple love

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Butterflies are beautiful little delicate creatures that start their lives off as rather unattractive little worms called caterpillars. However, from caterpillars, cocoons are formed, and then the beautiful butterfly emerges. The lifespan of the butterfly is not very long at all,